CSGV desperately searched the interwebs in a quest to avoid apologizing to Gun Owners they insulted with their accusations about the Ricin letters to the President and the Pasha of NYC. One of the pics they found was this one:

CSGV Actress 1But that is not what called my attention but one of the comments by  Laddite Paula Villalobos:
CSGV Actress 2

She looks weak to me, trying desperately to get out of those bad and probably abusive relationships. Women should be portrayed instead as empowered with good self esteem, not with a gun and looking weak.

Self esteem will stop a rapist or a murderer because they will be blinded by the awesomeness of the woman feeling good about herself being unarmed. (can I have a facepalm?)

According to Ms. Villalobos, a woman who fended off three attackers with her gun is a weak woman. The 26 Year Old woman who was being stabbed by a nutjob and managed to use her gun to stop the attack is a weak woman. The mother who used a shotgun to kill a home invader is a weak woman. The mother who used her shotgun to defend her kids is a weak woman. The woman who used her pistol to defend herself from a man dressed in all black who had broken into her home during the middle of the day is a weak woman. And even the 72-year-old grandmother who used her .22 gun to keep two bad guys in check till the police arrived is most certainly a weak woman.

But of course, Self Esteem works. Just ask any cop what caliber of Self Esteem they carry.

Ms. Villalobos, I do wish you a long happy life without having to defend your life or the lives of those you love.

Hat tip to Guns Save Lives for all the links about women defending themselves with (gasp!) guns.


PS: I keep forgetting to bring the definition of Laddite back for the new readers. My thanks to Don for kicking my memory butt.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

16 thoughts on “Dumb Laddite Comment of the Week: Paula Villalobos.”
  1. “Self Esteem works. Just ask any cop what caliber of Self Esteem they carry.”

    Interesting how some Americans are able to make up what they lack by carrying a piece of cold metal. Or so it would seem.

    1. Of course I lack. I lack the speed and strength I had on my youth so I can go toe to toe against a hopped up criminal intent on doing me harm. My wife lacks the height and built (she is a beautiful petite) to have a fistfight with a rapist.
      We also lack the stupidity to believe that nothing bad is ever gonna happen and we can live our lives in an abstract of unicorns and good wishes.

      And you lack common sense…but it shows pretty much. But what can one expect from Germans anyway? Oh yes, concentration camps and ovens. ist das nicht so geehrt Gerhard?

      1. I am of average height and weight, and I have a roommate we occasionally call “Fezzig” because he is an enormous individual.

        I have demonstrated on multiple occasions that while he has me outmatched in strength and size, I can still put up a decent fight. At the same time, he’s demonstrated that if things aren’t in my favor, he can swing me around like a ragdoll.(or like the Incredible Hulk swings Loki around in The Avengers) I am deceptively strong and fast, and in a fight I can be mean enough that I would probably win against someone twice my size. Probably. I would, however, suffer permanent injuries in the altercation, and end up suffering for it the rest of my life.

        A gun allows me to intimidate an assailant twice my size, and to survive an encounter with the same without risking permanent lifelong injury.

      2. Herr Gonzalez: despite your juvenile insults, I still maintain that anyone who draws “self esteem” or a sense of worth in this world from an inanimate object is pathetic. But it seems as though that is what is driving many Americans to arm themselves. Perhaps that is why the gun culture thrives in a place like America…apparently many lack the self esteem that other peoples do not.

        As far as your speed and strength go, seems to me what you need is a little self control…not self confidence.

        Guten tag.

        1. You call them insults, we call them history.

          And it was that American “sense of worth in this world from an inanimate object” that kicked the collective asses of your grandparents back behind the Rhine.
          auf wiedersehen sweetheart

        2. Proof that some in Germany still support the Third Reich(though if you did it on the street corner you’d get mobbed).

        3. He HAS self-control, you deutschebag. That he legally owns a gun and carries concealed means he’s shown enough self-control to stay within the bounds of the law.

  2. What I see is an actress wannabee holding a gun as a prop. She is not holding it in a manner that reflects any knowledge of its use: Facing forward as per isosceles stance, but with the arms arms somewhat approximating the Weaver, gun way off axis, feet together and butt off to one side. Of course such people pose for all kinds of portfolio pictures. Is there one with a kitty cat, or a sports car?

    1. Yeah, she looks remarkably like a woman I know who thinks she owns the world because she’s a female redhead and is therefore impossibly sexy.

      She’s wrong, by the way. On both counts. She also has an atrocious personality.

  3. Just a new twist on the stale ‘Real men don’t use….” meme. Unless it’s a block, I think they’ve deleted the comment due to a rash of misogynistic comments.

    But remember, we’re the knuckle-dragging neanderthals.

  4. “She looks weak to me, trying desperately to get out of those bad and probably abusive relationships. Women should be portrayed instead as empowered with good self esteem, not with a gun and looking weak.”

    If you were the abuser in this bad relationship, I would bet that staring down her barrel would do wonders for adjusting your attitude. How exactly is that weak? She is defending herself from an abuser. She has the capability to do so with a firearm. She could have great self-esteem and still end up black-and-blue or worse after her boyfriend smashes her face. How is the empowering?

    Here are two famous quotes: “The gun has been called the great equalizer…” and “An armed society is a polite society”. Both are true. The impression of Paula Villalobos does not stand up to scrutiny or simple logic.

    Hey Paula, pull you head out of the rear end of the unicorn and take a good look at reality. These anti-self-defense idiots really perplex me. How can they have such an unnatural inclination?

    1. Also, the signs are that THIS WOMAN IS THE ABUSER in this relationship. She tried to frame her husband for attempted assassination of the president with a biological weapon!

  5. Gerhard, if it wasn’t for American misiles( gun of another sort) you Germans would be speaking Russian, because the Ruskie’s would have done came over kicked you German’s and all the other European’s asses and took your countries over. So YOU better be glad that us weak, lacking American’s are around or you would be a Russian territory. And anytime their a punk dictator who needs his ass kicked who does the rest of puss countries call, yes that’s right, us gun toting American’s. Put that in your smug ,Euro-elitist ass.

  6. Kendal Black hit it on the head. This is part of her acting portfolio. I’m surprised they used this one and not the one of her with an EBR. The only thing I can think of is the other one is more clearly a “Glamour Pose” portfolio shot and so readers might see through it.

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