My wife and I really love the TV show The Orville.

It is, in every way, the rightful heir to Star Trek: The Next Generation.

There was an episode in Season 1, titled “Majority Rules.”

The plot revolves around a society that has no major code of laws.  Peoples’ behavior is judged by social media.  Too many thumbs down and you get lobotomized.

At first this seems really dystopian.

Then I see Tweets like these defending Ilhan Omar’s statement on 9/11 and attacking the Republican response to it.

The I realize that maybe, society lobotomizing some people because of their social media might not be such a bad idea.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Dystopian Sci-Fi I could support”
  1. Lobotomized people all ready live in chicago, and illinois most of them are either elected to something or appointed to government jobs. I worked for a local government for 40 years so I can say that

  2. Amazing how utterly STUPID some people are aint it? “Triggering”… isnt that a gun word? Could hogg be triggered by a trigger word and trigger a triggering reaction to trigger words?? Time n space warp and he becomes pro gun???

    1. It’s Pavlovian at this point. These morons only understand that their tribe is opposed to Trump’s tribe. There is no critical thought on any position anymore, only emotionally reactive hot takes.

  3. Boy, that OBL was a real look ahead. He saw ” a racist idiot like Trump to come along”, 16 years later. Boy, could he a look ahead. Do these people ever consider the truth?

  4. So… OBL wanted an uber white nationalist to oppress muslims?

    Thats some Big(ly) Think right thar.

  5. China’s “social rating” system is a step in this direction. Seems like a bad idea to me.

  6. On a different note, I started watching the Orville this year, so haven’t seen any of the season 1 shows. Maybe I’ll watch them this summer.

    Like you say, it is a good homage to Star Trek, and I’ve read it’s specifically supposed to evoke The Next Generation series. It’s kind of a draw to keep coming back that I keep seeing actors from the old ST series in there. The doctor used to be Cisco’s girlfriend from Deep Space Nine; Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troy) was in the last episode as the teacher (and is apparently an irregular regular on the show). There have been others.

    They occasionally go too SJW, but only occasionally. I think I turned off one episode when it got too preachy. I haven’t tried the new Star Trek Discovery so I couldn’t tell you if it’s worse or better.

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