Easy Fix

So Antifa are attacking a USMC recruiting office.

This is not the first time this office has been under siege.  Back in 2008, the Marines in Berkeley were besieged by Code Pink and the Mayor of Berkeley told the Marines they “were not welcome in Berkeley.”

There is an easy fix for this.  Trump just needs to release an executive order that allows military personnel at recruiting offices to be armed while on duty.

Recruiting offices have been targets for terrorism before, with an office in Little Rock being shot at in 2009 and another in Chattanooga being attacked in 2015.

I work with a few Marines.  Nothing would make them happier than to stop some Antifa punk from smashing their office and threatening them with a hammer with a lung full of bayonet.

Problem solved.

4 Replies to “Easy Fix”

    1. I second that initiative! And, allow carriage of POW, with nominal qualification requirements (ie, your sergeant has to verify it is a gun, and goes “bang”, and you know which end the ouchy thing comes out of, and can repeat this information 3 times running, correctly)

  1. This isn’t exactly new. Recruiting offices were targeted for “Peaceful” protests during the Vietnam war. If I recall correctly, a few were blown up by Bill Ayers and friends. I agree a recruiter with a handgun on his or her hip and an M4 secured nearby would deter some of this crap, and I think aid recruiting. After all, who wants to join a military that can’t or won’t defend their facilities?

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