Early last year I watched a video of SpaceX launching a Tesla towards Mars.

I knew I had seen that scene before.

And I said to myself “Elon Musk, that motherfucker is going after the Loc-Nar.”

I didn’t realize at the time, just how much of an evil super-villain genius Elon Musk really was.

Then I watched on November 21st of this year, Elon Musk unveiled his partial-birth-abortion of an electric pickup truck.  The unveiling was a disaster, the bulletproof windows were not.  It was awkward to watch.  Musk looked much less like a Billionaire CEO in command of a game-changing technology than he usually does.

Even I fell for attacking the Cybertruck for being a piece of shit.

How could the guy who created SpaceX allowed such a half-assed launch to occur making him a bit of a laughing stock?

The answer: misdirection like a fucking boss.

The Cybertruck debuted on November 21, 2019, the same day that PlainSite broke this story:

Elon Musk seems to have had employee Martin Tripp swatted because Tripp is a whistleblower in a case against Musk.

Here is the report from the Tweet above, regarding the report of the active shooter and the deputies’ meeting with Tripp, from the Storey County Sheriff’s Office.

I clipped this part out to make it easier to read:

I’m not sure how it is legal for a company to hold a fired employee and interrogate him for hours on end.

Then there is this section snipped from the report of the other responding deputy.

Does it seem odd that it was the director of security for Tesla that made a call about a threat to another location through the internal call center, as opposed to the Gigafactory calling the local police.

Considering that a mass shooting was supposed “possibly take place at any moment,” the threat going from the Gigafactory to the call center to the director to the Sheriff seems to be a lot of time wasted.

According to PlainSite, Musk has a history (evidenced by court documents) of harassing people who cross him.  And by cross him, including people who question his technology or reported on Musk’s unethical behavior.

And this misdirection worked.

Who mentioned anything about an executive-level conspiracy at Tesla to swat a whistleblower with the Stoney County Sheriff when the Cybertruck disaster was the big, flashy Elon Musk news?

That is evil super-villain type shit right there.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Elon Musk is a super-villain”
  1. This dude is just the typical nouveau riche douchebag, and a libtard to boot. Only way they get where they are is by stomping the lives of others.
    Just ask that grumpy old fart Bernie or that hag Hillary how they got rich, “miraculously.”

  2. Mr. Tripp identifies a design fault that can potentially kill people, brings it to the attention of management, and is ignored, When he goes to the press, he is harassed and fired and then later SWATed. I think he would have been better off contacting an attorney first, but his choice. If that’s the way Musk treats whistle blowers, I understand why the libs wanted to protect the “Ukraine Phone Call” whistle blower, considering how they project their proclivities onto their opponents.

    As an aside, Musk did something with the cyber truck that I thought was impossible. He designed something that made the Pontiac Aztec not the ugliest vehicle I’ve ever seen.

  3. Musk ain’t no supervillain. Supervillains are kinda suave. Musk interviews are cringe; he’s a giant nerd who doesn’t know how to behave in the spotlight. He’s just rich, and apparently a bully, thus the saddest kind of nerd there is.
    In my line of work (machine shop), if you have an issue w someone then *you* have to deal with them personally. Uncomfortable, but no one’s gonna bend a knee to hearsay, and everyone’s opinion is gonna be heard. Musk apparently can’t do that.
    Conclusion: Elon Musk is a spastic angry nerd whose only power is derived from money and wouldn’t last a week in the real world.

  4. Of the various things put forth, I think Dead J has it nailed.

    Musk ain’t no supervillain. Supervillains are kinda suave. … Elon Musk is a spastic angry nerd whose only power is derived from money and wouldn’t last a week in the real world.

    Except for one thing.

    It’s a general rule in business, I first heard it over 40 years ago, that the best bosses hire the best people for the job and then leave them alone to do it. Since the world’s launch industry has been blown out by SpaceX and now the Russians, the Chinese, the European Space Agency, and pretty much everyone is copying the Falcon 9, it’s a pretty safe bet that he didn’t do it himself, but hired good engineers and let them fail until they got it right. That argues he’s among the best bosses.

  5. A stupid as it is, routing emergency call through the call center may be company policy and them trying to dot all the i and cross all the t may be why that was done.

    My company has a similar policy to route all emergency call through the call center so when emergency personnel show up to the front door reception knows about it and where to send them. I don’t 100% agree with this policy because obviously if a guy is bleeding out I’m calling 911 directly and not wasting time to play the telephone game with my message.

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