This is a follow-up to my post The need for Bruen vs Social Justice.

A reader provided the like for the story from the NY Post.

Crazed NYC homeless man fatally attacked dog in Prospect Park, owner says

A crazed homeless man attacked a dog that was taking a walk in Prospect Park and left the pooch with such serious injuries it later died, the animal’s owner said Wednesday.

The assailant shouted angry comments about immigrants and sprayed a bottle of urine on the 2-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever mix, Moose, and its owner, Jessica Chrustic, 41, before hitting them with a stick so hard the animal suffered a fatal intestinal injury.

“He was just trying to protect me and he was just a dog. Why would you hit a dog? You can hit me, That’s bad enough,” Jessica told the Post, crying.

The fuck us wrong with New Yorkers?

“You can hit me, That’s bad enough.”

No, you can’t hit me or my dog.

Only in New York does a person just accept being beaten by a crazy vagrant with a stick as a normal part of city life.

Jessica said she had seen the man before, as he often walks around with a stick muttering to himself.

She usually tries to avoid him, and when she saw him going through the garbage nearby, she pulled her dog to the side as far away from him as possible.

Jessica said the man reached into his garbage bag, took out a bottle of a liquid, which she later learned was urine, and starting spraying her and her dog.

Jessica tried to escape, running with the dog up some steps — but the man caught up, and jumped and beat them from behind.

The man struck her in the back and her dog in the face with a stick, leaving her with minor injuries, police said.

A nearby woman who was also walking her dog saw the incident and screamed at the man to “Get the f—k away from her,” which led two bikers to stop as well.

The victim and three bystanders and nobody was able to stop this man.

In the land of the unarmed, the vagrant with a stick is king.

I want to know how he hasn’t been caught yet. People have seen him in the parks this weekend. It’s a very specific description. He’s hard to miss,” Jessica told The Post.

The cops won’t do shit.

Progressives won’t do shit.

Nobody will do shit.

A dog murdering vagrant roams free.

That’s the New York brand.

I still can’t get over that a vagrant with a stick chased down and beat a woman and a dog a d three people tried to help and were ineffectual.

These people are utterly disarmed, both physically and mentally.

This is why it’s so important Bruen is enforced.

When a vagrant chases a woman with a stick, she should have the ability to turn around and ballistically perforate his thoracic cavity.

Do it for Moose the dog.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Enforce Bruen for justice for Moose”
  1. So …those three people who tried to help … Did they actually try to do anything useful, like hit him with a rock or stick? Or did they stand around videoing it and shouting at him?
    Given this is NYC … I actually mean this as an honest question.

  2. Unarmed brainwashed idiots… the liberals utopia is complete…”bikers”??? Ya ok.. sad I feel really bad for the dog, the true victim. Hurt my wife or my dog and ALL bets are off here. We still have SOME Freedom here.

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