It’s a slow news day, so far, so I’m going to poke fun at Congressman Eric Swalwell again.

This is the sign that an idiot has been in goverment for far too long.

So let’s say for just a second that he does get his law passed.

Everything banned in the State of California is now illegal across the country.  Not just for new sale but everything that exists, some 50 million guns, can no longer be in the hands of US citizens.

The ink is dry on President Swalwell’s buyback law but no more than 0.5% of Americans takes their guns to the police in exchange for a check.

What happens next?

How exactly does this law get enforced?

The guns don’t just go *poof* and blink out of existence.

Police must get warrants to search houses.  They must bring evidence to a judge to get a warrant.  A search must be conducted.  Property seized, and people arrested.

If not, than the “weapons of war” will still continue to exist, buried in yards, hidden in walls, “lost in boating accidents,” etc.

Either this guy knows in his heart of hearts that what he is asking for is the homes of tens of millions of Americans to be raided by SWAT teams and courts being backlogged for years with search warrant applications, but that the American people don’t want to hear the harsh reality of it on the campaign trail…


He’s a fucking idiot that has no idea how to enforce a massively unpopular law.

Either way, this totally disqualifies him from office.



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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Eric Swalwell belives laws are magic”
  1. Here again is the idiocy- it would take 2 guys using a half hour each, 824YEARS just to search homes in NEW JERSEY. There is 100-200 MILLION of us. If gubmint tried this nation wide it would be a YUGE failure. Yes we need to be aware and follow this crap, but good luck implimenting it. Austrai only has I think like 5-8 million TOTAL population. They only got somewhere around 20-50 percent of “registered” guns. Good luck morons

  2. I think I know what he meant.
    He’s not going to take guns from law abiding people, because once the guns are illegal then the people that don’t turn them in are no longer law abiding. See?

    It’s like how ccw folks never stop a mass shooting because if they shoot a guy before he can kill enough people then it’s not a mass shooting, and if they shoot the guy after he’s killed enough people to qualify for a mass shooting then they didn’t prevent it.

  3. He’s also ignoring the Takings clause of the 5th Amendment. Perhaps he thinks that doesn’t apply either, the way he pretends to believe the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply. Or maybe he thinks the infamous Kelo decision can be stretched to let him get away with it.
    This also serves as a reminder why the enemy wants “universal background check” — it creates a gun registry, which in turn becomes a list of addresses to invade.
    Search warrants — I suspect he would ignore that little detail. Or find a “judge” who will just sign blank ones by the bushel. There are lots of judges who neither know nor care what the Constitution says.

    1. You’ve put more Constitutional knowledge into a simple post than Eric has in his whole brain.

  4. Yes, he’s a fucking idiot.
    Most congresscritters are as they can’t hold down a real job and managing to get elected is their only accomplishment. (cf bartender for 7 years after she graduated college occasional-cortex)

    This particular fucking idiot still has just enough functioning brain cells though to understand that he doesn’t stand a chance to get elected to the presidency.
    We’ll see him drop out just before the deadline to file for his re-election campaign to his congressional seat.
    What this previously no-name unheard of clotbrain is doing is actually beginning his campaign for FineSwine’s Senate seat and mantle as the anti-assault weapon law-giver when she retires in ’24.
    Name recognition is a big deal and his handlers apparently think he’s got a good chance against Kevin DeLeon of ghostgunner fame.

    Still, there’s no excuse not to mock Duke Nukem at every opportunity about his stupidity

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