Congressman Eric Swalwell is a coward.

He is the epitome of the internet tough guy who turns out to be a dickless coward when called out in real life.

Congressman Swalwell is going to make you turn in your assault rifles in some stupid buyback program.  If you don’t, he’s going to send his stooges to your house and arrest you.  If you put of a fight, he’ll nuke you.

What he won’t do is get on stage with Dana Loesch and debate her.

Here is a Twitter back-and-forth between Eric Swalwell and Dana Loesch the started because Eric Swalwell decided to channel AOC.

When a sitting member of Congress uses the “New X, who dis?” meme, you know that the point they are going to make is shallow and stupid.

Valid question.  I asked it before when I said Swalwell thought laws are magic.

Blwing up = two Tweets, because being a straight white man didn’t give him enough victim cred he had to Smollett* some Twitter abuse

*Smollett – verb, to fabricate a incident that makes the fabricator a victim for the purpose of sympathy and reward on social media.

That “I don’t aim down” is such horseshit, masquerading his cowardice as virtue.  Dana Loesch is an official NRA spokesperson.  Discussing policy and politics is her job.  Organizations of all types have spokespeople whose job it is to represent the organization’s positions publicly.  It is the antithesis of aiming down to debate the very person the organization taps to do the debating.

The like a true internet tough guy, he doubles down.

What fucking bullshit.

The President of an organization is chosen for his or her leadership skills.  That is different than debate skills, which is why spokespeople exist.

This is like saying “Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA is afraid to play me in one-on-one, and I won’t play LeBron James because that’s ‘aiming down.'”

Also, “unrestricted weaponry?” This guy is allergic to the truth.

Finally, Dana threw down the gauntlet.

We’ll he is.

That’s the simple answer.

He wants to make sure a debate never happens because his ideas are the gun grabbing equivalent of the Green New Deal, expensive, unpopular outside the extreme, and absolutely tyrannical.

This is internet tough guy bluster.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Eric Swalwell is a coward, but we already knew that”
    1. I doubt he could (or would) ‘lower’ himself that far, then again he probably wouldn’t be any worse than the other guy was, unless he can bring his nukes with him.

  1. Obviously, Dana Loesch should be the Representative of the NRA in any such debate for exactly the reasons you state… But does anyone really doubt Lt. Col. Oliver North wouldn’t also mop the floor with Rep. Swalwell?

    Part of me kinda wants to see North issue an open letter thanking the congressman for his invitation and accepting the debate. Just so we could watch the weasel twist in the wind as he tried to get out of it…

    Of course, part of me also wants to watch Loesch continue to twist the knife on Swalwell. Telling an accomplished, professional woman essentially “That’s nice dear, but can I speak to the man in charge?” is one hell of a thing to say in hashtag current year.

  2. In the current political climate I find it extremely fun that the dems are openly running on ALL the crap shillary was screaming that got Trump elected the first time. Keep it up morons.

    1. Are we sure the guy who challenged Larry Correia to an online powerlifting match isn’t just an alt account for Mr. Swalwell?
      They seem to have used similar “debating” styles…

    2. And of course it was Bill Clinton’s use of “triangulation,” finding that magic midpoint between what the nutcase socialist Dems in New Yorkifornia wanted and what the nutcase neo-confederate Dems in the Deep South wanted that enabled him to win the primary and two general elections.

      If Hillary had run the way Bill had, she’d have swept the whole thing.

  3. What the NRA should do at this point is turn to their own victim status: “Swalwell will only debate men because he is a sexist pig who claims that discussing the issues with a woman is beneath him and is ‘aiming down’.”

  4. Great Presidential Campaign Slogans:

    Trump: “Make America Great Again”
    Obama: “Yes We Can”
    Eisenhower: “I Like Ike”
    Clinton: “Building a Bridge to the 21st Century”
    Polk: “54-40 or Fight”

    Swalwell: “I Want to Speak to Your Manager”

  5. He’d better be careful. Every recent POTUS has used a spokesman, press secretary, or such, to issue policy and update statements, as a simple matter of efficiency. It is totally proper and accepted.

    If this nuke-threatening POS ever was POTUS I would expect him to debate every single policy decision personally per his criteria with his critics.

    Of course, I view him as disqualified to ever be POTUS because of his treasonous statements about using nuclear weapons on Americans.

    1. I’m eagerly awaiting the day Rep. Swalwell leaves Capitol Hill for K-Street and becomes the spokesperson for some think tank or special interest group…

      1. Mm. I don’t know. It’s easier to keep an eye on him where he is, and as I think he’s untrustworthy with any power, would rather have his exercise of such be in the (more or less) open

        1. Yeah, but once he’s a lobbyist, every single GOP legislator can respond to all of his attempts to get them to give his group some port barrel cash with “Can I speak to the man in charge?”

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