BOZEMAN — William Krisstofer Wolf of Bozeman is in jail in Billings on a federal firearms charge after buying a converted fully-automatic gun from an undercover FBI agent.

Federal authorities arrested Wolf, 52 years old, on Wednesday at a truck stop in Livingston after Wolf ¬†paid an undercover agent $725 for a Saiga-12, fully-automatic shotgun with a shortened barrel. The court document states that Wolf was told that his “supplier” was a Class III dealer and had converted the firearm from semi-automatic to full-automatic.

via Bozeman man arrested for possessing machine gun – | Great Falls, Montana.

As with any group, we are bound to get a share of individuals that are not the best and sometimes we will get the idiotically criminal.

Calling yourself a Gun Activist is a wee bit more than yell “NO COMPROMISE!” have diarrhea of the mouth and act tough on social media. It requires the judicious application of brain matter, specially when things look too good. Take the gun in question: A fully automatic, short-barreled Saiga shotgun which you are not allowed to own unless the proper federal paperwork is in order, if at all. I am assuming Mr. Wolf got arrested because he was not authorized to buy such firearm, nor he is a Class 3 dealer. You may not like the law, you may want to fight the law because it sucks and goes against the Second Amendment, but if you are willing to break it, get ready for the shaft to be impelled on your rear end. Or you can actually be smart and go the lobby/political way. I know, it is icky and long and you don’t get instant results, but you get results.

But what really chaffs me the most is that he did not see it coming. Short Barrel, Full auto Saiga Shotgun for $725? Really? It did not strike you as suspicious that it might have been a wee bit cheap? A quick check on Gunbroker is showing Semi Auto, full length barrel Saigas starting around $900! That is what the experts call “A frigging clue.”

As important as your proficiency with a gun, the proper care and feeding of your brain is important. READ for the love of God, and not just BS from a forum. Go to the source, consult the experts that have actually achieved something and not masturbated mentally about playing some video game IRL.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Even some on our side play stupid games with the unsurprising results.”
  1. You should note that Montana passed that bill “making Montana free” from the GCA/NFA restrictions about two years ago (obviously it didn’t, but those laws serve to make idiots think things are what they aren’t). I wonder how much of that is at play here.

  2. Another Forrest Gump wannabe. Now he will go to prison and will never be allowed to have a firearm the rest of his life. If it is too good to be true, then it ain’t true.

  3. The Heller foundation is taking donations for their lawsuit right now, if anyone wants to do something.

  4. I have a great disdain for the government workers who sit around all day creating felons. If they have to go to lengths of entrapment to find their “criminals,” it’s pretty safe to say that they are wasting our resources. Same goes for the patsy supposed “terrorists” that the FBI has to lure and convince into committing “crimes.” ATF Milwaukee, Fast and Furious, all of the televised “terrorist” plans against the country, etc. etc.

    1. You can always pick out the FBI plant. They are the ones wanting to bomb something or kill someone. If I had a group and one of them started that, they would suddenly and quietly disappear. 100 pounds of lime and a backhoe will ensure silence.

  5. Could have been a Larry Corriea fan. You just described “abomination”.

    Im glad the feebs have solved all the other problems and have time to dupe citizens into being felons. Perhaps the chump should have reported the feeb to state authorities for illegal possession?

  6. The really exasperating part is that this idjit is blabbing about the Gov and crapping o them and “being paranoid” but he never stop to think “Hmmmm this looks too damned good to be true. It might be a set up”

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