As I covered before in this blog, the depression  and suicide rate for children outpaced COVID in children during the lockdowns.  More kids killed themselves than died of COVID.

In the supposed name of helping children, the experts killed then.

Then there has been the rise of gender confirmation, where confused children are being subject to puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and genital mutilation surgery, in the name of Progress and helping children.

I recently read about another horror show of a scientist destroying children in the name of helping them.

Berlin authorities placed children with paedophile foster parent for 30 years

Authorities in Berlin placed children with a foster parent who was a paedophile for more than 30 years, researchers have said.

A new study has looked into the practice proposed by Dr Helmut Kentler, a psychologist who claimed paedophiles could make particularly loving parents for troubled children.

He is thought to have hypothesised it did children no harm to have sexual contact with adults.

The children were sexually abused and ended up much worse off.

I have example after example of adults in positions of power and authority claiming they have a plan to help children based on the best science and ideas that only harms them physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually in the most horrific ways.

I’m getting to the point that the next time some expert says “we need to do [idea] for the children,” that expert and all of his/her associates need to be run through the woodchipper immediately before they have an opportunity to implement their plan, and then the rest of us do precisely the opposite.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Evil done in the name of science and helping people”
  1. UK’s Carl Benjamin did a 20 minute segment on this subject on his Lotus Eaters podcast on July 23rd. It’s based on The New Yorker’s July 19 article titled ‘The German Experiment That Placed Children With Pedophiles’ by Rachel Aviv.

    This was done with the German government’s approval so it’s not just rogue scientists. These are sick people.

  2. This wasn’t about science and helping people — it was about enabling pedophilia and bizarre Marxist theories.

    First, this guy didn’t just place the kids in the sense of “even pedophiles can take care of kids” — when the kids reported being raped, he used his influence to get the reports buried and keep the kids under the control of the rapists. Raped kids was part of the goal.

    Second, his motivation was his hatred for his own father, and a theory that heterosexual fathers are responsible for fascism. It was an idea as lunatic as any other to create h. sovieticus, and comes from the same root as the “gender fluid” nonsense of today — Marx couldn’t figure out how equality could happen when women were the only ones to give birth, so his cultists ever since have hated sexual reproduction, male and female, and families.

    Third, it started under the East German communist government, but was maintained by the unified government. Since now Germany appears to be locking up the Stasi files — apparently to protect those who cooperated — it’s clear they should have had a process similar to the Czechs’ lustration.

    Everyone involved should be fed through one of those rented wood chippers, very slowly. If there is a way to keep them from bleeding out before the blades reach their torso, it should be applied — and the entire process should be filmed in high def and with high speed cameras to be shown to the next lunatic who tries to push the same evil. Preferably with a setup similar to the scene from “Clockwork Orange”.

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