There are three close-ups of three different executions of spies. They were shot with M1 Garands and that means the much bigger .308 30-06 M2 ball round rather than the smaller .223 that was used in the New Zealand shooting and we are told is fake because we don’t see fountains of blood pouring out of the bodies.

Times to watch: 3:44, 4:30 and 4:56. Do notice in some scenes the pieces of wood coming off the beam.

In other news, in one squad, there were several soldiers that missed on purpose. The other squad didn’t seem to mind executing the Nazis much.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

17 thoughts on “Executing WWII Spies. According to the Internet experts, these are photoshopped shootings. (Graphic Video Warning)”
  1. I’m not surprised that the “Call of Duty” generation thinks these videos are fake. Stupid children. Also, aside from the mortal terror of knowing you’re about to die and seeing your coffin waiting, it looks like firing squad death is mercifully quick.

  2. Yep, fake… uh huh, sure. Photoshop didn’t exist back then, and ‘real’ bullet wounds don’t bleed like a stuck pig, nor are holes blown in people.

  3. I noticed the “.308 M2 ball” thing, too, but I thought you were just referring to the bullet diameter of the .30-06, which is in fact .308. Now I’m upset, because I missed a chance to be my usual pedantic self.
    And, these are obviously fake pictures. Everyone who’s ever played a video game in Mom’s basement knows that bullets always make people spew blood like a volcano. (Amazingly, not deer, though. They just fall down.)

  4. I have been seeing those firing squad films from ww2 since the 60’s. The only thing unusual about them is that almost all firing squads were made up of MP’s armed with M-1903 rifles. Not M-1 Garand’s. Gunshots from Garand’s do tend to be bloody. Firing squads even more so as they aimed for the heart. Thing is. That Black and White film was 70+ years old when it got digitized. Nobody in the modern era seems to know that the grey color value of blood doesn’t show up well, IF AT ALL on old B&W cellulous film. I have seen a few color films of WW2 US firing squads. Trust me. They are quite bloody. The stuff flying out behind the guy is part wood, part pink mist, and part meat chunks. 10 to 20 rounds of M-2ball at that range would make a hole the size of a base ball. Or sometimes almost cut the guy in half. The MP’s describe men picking them up after the execution and being able to see through the holes.

        1. Never shot at humans but beeing a hunter I’ve seen -. and caused – my share of gun shot wounds on living beeings.
          Yes, blood does not spray around – most of the times. And for not seeing an “entry wound” on camera – hell, I had trouble finding the entry wound of a 9mm on a deer that I had to put down from 1 yard away – granted, deer have more fur than your average human but still I’m not so sure you would see these things on grainy film.

          But you know what really strikes me weird, without saying I “doubt” the massacre?
          The fact that he fired a shotgun through the windshield and there was no shattered/cracked glass, no bullet or pellet holes in the windshield. That’s just weird.

          Not doubting that it happened, just beeing cautious with the evidence presented.

  5. I thought a spy is one who does not wear a recognized uniform. Were those in uniform actually spies?

    I suppose I could look it up but would rather ask the informed crowd here.

    1. Anyone caught spying w/o a uniform is assumed to be a spy, and thus eligible for execution. But spies can wear uniforms, and spies belonging to the military could be placed in uniform for their execution.

  6. Execution of Waffen SS soldiers charged with war crimes, this clip was filmed near the German city of Braunschweig (Brunswick) on the 14th June 1945.

  7. Have you seen the conspiracy theory that the New Zealand mosque shootings were faked? Another false flag?

    It’s just like the argument these shootings are fake. Among their arguments is that it’s fake because they don’t see giant wounds. They see clothes move, so the guy is shooting compressed air. At least that’s done in color video. Low res video so you couldn’t see a .223 hole, but color.

    Would someone go talk with those guys about reality?

    Never mind. It’s impossible to disprove a conspiracy theory.

    1. That’s why I posted this video. Ask the same people about the two clear head shots in the video and watch them squirm trying to come up with an explanation.

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