I will not apologize for my extremism on this topic.

I believe that in every way, the gender transition of children is tantamount to the surgical mutilations conducted by Dr Josef Mengele at Auschwitz.

In both cases it is the chemical and surgical mutilation of healthy children’s bodies by doctors driven by an extreme pseudoscientific political ideology.

I am particularly sensitive to this because I am aware of the ugly history of my people bring chemically castrated by ideologues with pseudoscientific views.

There is no amount of force or violence that is too much to stop this.

I California is going to be a sanctuary state for the Mengeles who want to sexually surgically mutilate children then I want to see Florida and Texas adopt laws that allow the use of lethal force in the defense of a child against sexual mutilation.

If a father that stops a surgeon from castrating his child with a gun has, in my mind, that’s a good shoot.

Codify that into law.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Extreme situations require extreme reactions”
  1. This behavior is the same as the mutilation of women in some religions… and mainstream you get crickets. I especially like it when teachers say “sshhh dont tell your parents”… ya, the next sound you hear is very loud but very brief..

  2. I have noted that in many cases of chemical and surgical mutilation, one parent, usually the person who gave birth to the child, is for the sex change procedure while the other parent is against it. The same thing occurs in the drag queen shows. Video after video clearly reveals that it’s the mothers who are screaming in delight as their child engages in some form, with the male-drag queen during his performance. If one parent is for it, the parent against it, I believe, is powerless to stop it.

  3. Splash of reality here.
    First of all, I am sure there are people who are absolutely convinced they were born into the wrong body. Those people will benefit from transitioning physically into the opposite sex. These people will have undergone years of therapy, and lived their life as the opposite sex for a period of time before undergoing surgery.
    But. There is no possible way there are thousands of children that suddenly found out they were the wrong sex. Nope. Not the way human physiology or psychology works.
    Finally, children, hell… most adults, are not adult enough to make life altering decisions like gender transitioning without years of consideration. Therapy should be mandatory before a Dr. can prescribe drugs or perform surgery. This is not deciding to color your hair purple one day. This is removing parts that will alter the rest of a person’s life.
    And, it is not just the doctor. If there is a good shoot anywhere it should be one parent taking out the other one. The doctor prescribing the drugs, or performing the surgery should never have been consulted.
    If becoming the opposite gender is so important, treat it like earning a black belt, PhD, or climbing Everest. You have to earn it, you have to train up, you have to do the study/work. That means all these “trans” kids who last week were girls and now insist they are boys have not earned it. They have not demonstrated it is inherent in their human makeup to be a different sex.
    It needs to be treated like a kid following a fad until proven otherwise.
    And, anyone who does not treat it like that is guilty of child abuse/endangerment/etc…

    1. Truer words were never spoken. Love is responsible action that has the purpose of benefiting the person it’s directed towards. Love is not a feeling or an emotion, but both emotional experiences “Can” be a natural result of said responsible action. And this takes a great deal of time to determine, and emotions should not be the determiner.

    2. First of all, I am sure there are people who are absolutely convinced they were born into the wrong body.

      There are people who believe they’re horribly obese, despite actually being underweight. There are people who believe their limbs belong to someone else, and demand they be amputated. There are people who believe Satan speaks to them through the neighbor’s dog, or that the still-wet soap on the bottom of a bar is poison and sign the CIA is plotting to kill them.

      All these people need to be helped, as much as possible, to realize they’re not seeing reality and to accept reality. They don’t need their delusions reinforced by chemical or surgical maltreatment.

      1. And I would like to add to Crawford’s accurate post, the following: think for a moment, about a world so ‘woke’, so advanced, that everyone who believes anything concerning their personal identity, is protected legally as a beneficial member of the victim class, and therefore deserves to be financially supported by the American Taxpayer; supporting them in whatever manner they deem necessary to be at peace within themselves, in this unjust world thrust upon them.

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