So AMC had created a new TV show called Dietland based off the novel of the same name.

Here is the plot in a nutshell:

Plum Kettle is a smart woman with several degrees but because she weighs 300 lbs, she can only work as a ghost writer for a teen fashion magazine for crap pay.  She goes to a Weight Watchers knockoff and fails at it.  She is a miserable person.

Of course, this all because she is fat.  That is life for women in America.  It doesn’t matter how smart or skilled you are, if you are fat, nobody wants you.  You could be a god damned brain surgeon, but if you are fat, patients would rather end up as vegetables from aneurysms than have your fat fingers fiddling at their brains.

Despite the fact that she is 300 lbs and nobody will ever love her because if it, she is constantly being sexually harassed.  In fact, every man she meets is a rapist or harasser or some other sort of despicable person.

She gets involved with a woman at the fashion magazine she works for who is part of an anti fashion industry resistance movement (WTF?) and a “vigilante” group called Jennifer.  Jennifer has been killing men accused of rape and harassment by throwing them out of planes.

Yep.  This is a TV show.  The author of the novel write it as a “feminist version of Flight Club.”

Here is HuffPo doing a video with the cast of Dietland talking about the show as a “female revenge fantasy.”

If you don’t want to watch the whole intolerable video this link will take you the important part starting at 3:22.

One of the women read the book and wonders why women don’t fight back more when they feel unsafe.


These women, and the feminists who love it, fundamentally do not understand the difference between fighting back in self defense and vigilante murder.

A group of women operating under the blanket name Jennifer has begun to kill men accused of sexual assault and assorted misogynist misdeeds. After luring the men into their midst, the rogue group slaughters the offenders and then drops their bodies from the sky.

Jennifer’s escalating vigilantism catches the attention of a downtrodden serial dieter named Plum Kettle (Joy Nash), who spends her days responding to reader letters on behalf of Kitty Montgomery (Julianna Margulies), the editor of a beauty magazine called Daisy Chain. Kitty is a prototypical villain in the editrix mode, saddling Plum with the task of responding with apolitical truisms to letters from self-loathing teens who beg “Kitty” for her wisdom of all sorts (fitting in at school, cutting their breasts with razors). Dissatisfied with her career, and with a boss who wields thinness as a weapon, Plum is eventually drawn into the mysterious underground clique of women fighting back against anything from unrealistic beauty standards to sexual abuse.

Believe me, I get it.  There are few traumas in life that are worse than being sexually assaulted or raped, and I know I am unlikely to ever experience that.

I fully support the right of a woman to shoot the piece-of-shit who is trying to rape her in the chest.  But being harassed or even raped is not a license to kill other men after the fact.

This goes even further.  Plum is fat and unhappy and because she gets wolf-whistled at or some girl who reads the magazine she works for has low self esteem (from the fucking magazine), men need to die.

This is is what excites miserable feminists and their limp-dick allies.

Compare this to the hatred and hand wringing of the last male revenge fantasy movies.

Death Wish: Guy’s wife is murdered and daughter raped.  Guy kills everyone involved with the rape and murder of his daughter and wife.

This was a “terrible, pro NRA talk piece.”  No, it wasn’t, but because Paul Kersey used guns, and was a man, it was bad.

Dietland has women kill men who wolf whistle, and don’t use guns, so it is feminist empowerment.

This is why you can’t have guns.

They know that they want to “solve” what they have identified as social ills with killing.

First, they don’t want you to have guns to defend yourself

Second, many of them feel this hatred in their hearts and are afraid that if they had guns they couldn’t control themselves.

They project their evil onto you and then work to deny your rights because they assume you are as awful as they are.

In this case I have to agree with them part way.  If you can’t tell the difference between defending yourself against and attacker at the moment of attack and after-the-fact vigilante justice, you probably shouldn’t have a gun.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Fat feminists are why you shouldn’t own guns”
  1. This drivel will create the next wave of high school shooters, fat girls that were shamed in middle and high school.

  2. Ho. Lee. Shit.
    I cannot believe that this subversive show made it to TV.

    But your commentary strikes a chord: maybe the most vociferous anti-gun agitators are that way because they secretly would not trust themselves with firearms.
    When they claimed, as we all remember, that the new “shall issue” concealed carry laws would result in “blood in the streets” and shootouts over parking spots (which didn’t happen), it appears that, were they themselves armed, that is exactly what they would do.
    I’m glad that these imbeciles with no self control don’t want to be armed. But they need to stop projecting their phobias upon the normal people who are not so inclined.

  3. Max Ayoub has a paragraph in one of his books regarding this. Ask your pro-fascist interlocutor if THEY would simply shoot somebody. No? Then on what basis do you assume that I would? Yes? Ya know, I make it my practice to not take advice from crazy people.

  4. I wonder if the fat came first or the hate came first. They seem interrelated. I eat too much when I feel bad and don’t like being overweight. If you add in a history of sexual abuse and I can see how we can get fat angry lesbian feminists.

  5. Is it April 1st again already?

    I stopped watching TV in the 1990s. Is this a real TV show, or is the article a joke? I can’t tell any more.

    I have this theory that we’ve all been living in The Onion since around 2002.

  6. […] has turned into some incel insanity.  This, that terrible book and show Dietland, the social phenomenon of The Handmaids Tale, they push this pervasive idea that all men torture […]

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