*If you don’t understand the point of this, just look at how many mommy blogs and etsy stores that celebrate “mather’s day” or “single mom’s day” on father’s day.  The Left has to destroy everything and attacking two parent homes is on the top of that list.  So while I’m sympathetic to single moms, especially widows, father’s day is our day and attacking it on behalf of single moms is a partisan attack on the culture war.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Father’s Day Funny”
  1. I do have to give credit to single moms who became so through bad circumstances or poor decisions (e.g., widowed, left an abusive relationship). They, like single dads in a similar situation.

    We have 2 sons and at times it was difficult for both of us. I would not want to fly solo.

    Which brings us to womyn 8>) who choose that path, especially elite ones who then pay for nannies to raise “their” children. Not a fan. Children are not collectible mugs for display.

  2. Some single moms are like that, I’m sure.

    My mother became a single mom when I was a few months old and my father died suddenly, leaving her with a newborn, a mortgage, and no job.

    She worked, went to night school to get a better job, and was able to send me to good schools while keeping the house. Through it all she never once in my memory complained about how hard it was, bragged about what a good job she was doing, or blamed my father (or me, or anyone else for that matter) for any problems she was having. She’s only started to talk about how desperate she was at times, and how dire things were, in the past 5 or 10 years, literally decades after I left home and she didn’t need to support me anymore.

    So yeah, I am going to call Mom today and say thank you and happy father’s day. I by no means am a perfect human being, but given what she had to work with, overall I’d say Mom did a pretty good job.

    There’s a reason single moms are a stereotype; just like all stereotypes there are exceptions.

  3. My daughter was a single mom, initially.

    Worked her freaking ass off to support herself and her baby, get an education, and improve her available opportunities.

    Been with the same man for a dozen years, now, comfortable financially. Happy little family (with the usual bumps, as Rick noted).

    Just recently did she reveal to me that, upon occasion, “It was a choice: (child) could eat, or I could eat.

    I fed my child.”

    Adulting, writ large right there.

    1. @Reltney McFee: “Adulting, writ large right there.”

      For sure. Good for her and her new family.

  4. Wait. Hold on here.

    Yesterday, there was all this rumbling about how white people should not be celebrating Juneteenth because they are white. (And, the implication was July 4th is their racist independence day holiday.) And, I am sure the Juneteenth celebrators were/are quite happy to badmouth and ignore July 4th.

    Yet, come Father’s day, the single mothers get to celebrate as mathers? Did they also get to celebrate on Mothers day?

    I think this is more about doubling up on the presents frankly.

    1. But God forbid a single dad want to celebrate himself on mother’s day, moms everywhere would burn him at the stake.

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