By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Fauci can go fuck himself with a jackhammer”
  1. Well they got Raven Rock, Cheyenne Mountain and whatever other places they extorted us for.

    Let the SOB’s live underground the rest of there Miserable Traitorous Lives.

    None of them should ever…be able to walk the streets again without being hit with eggs or just a good ol’ fashion, run out of town by the mob.

    Never thought I’d live in a Spaghetti Political Thriller and the Twilight Zone, all at once.

  2. I think this may be the Achilles heel of the tyrannical elites. It’s looking like a lot of people who will roll over for the government screwing them are starting to stand up and take notice when the government decides to screw with their kids. It’s pretty amazing that they will bend the knee when the government says “I own you,” but they struggle a bit when the government says “I own your child and shut up.”

    1. I think you are right.

      My life has not been easy, but I never hated people who did me harm. Did not forgive or forget, but never hated.

      I HATE with all my heart the SOBs who made my children to get these shots.

      One because of college, another because of job.

  3. 3 is because 2, not surprisingly, do not produce any decrease of “1symptom
    with pcr+ endpoint”. I do not remember seeing data that 3 produce anything either. But the “mild” “carditis” damage is dose dependent. But then having an unscarred heart for a year is long enough, right?

    The rot is throughout the system.

    Just today, saw this IVM crap (I am late to the party)

    The system is rotten to the core

  4. I am over 60, Obese/Fat and have a chronic condition or two. It made sense for me to get vaccinated. Hell, it was a no-brainer, especially as it gave me access to my parents in assisted living.

    Anyone 30 or younger, healthy, normal weight with no known comorbidities? I would probably not vax, especially after learning all we have in the last year.

    I do not think my old fat butt will get any boosters either, especially as I think I had COVID over New Years. Thankfully, It was not too bad. Maybe it was a cold or flu? I didn’t get tested, as standing in line in the cold to get tested sounded really stupid.

  5. At best, they just see kids as unrealized revenue (more shots to to sell). Fauci the shot goblin has his fingers in a lot of the cookie jars in the pharmaceutical world, so he’s getting paid too.

    Although watching Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing on this topic sure is tickling the hairs under my tin foil hat. The side effects, damage to health and deaths due to the vax seems to be grossly underreported listening to these witnesses talk. It might be worth it for older people with health issues to take it, but for everyone under 45 or so, it just may have the added benefit of reducing the population over time.

  6. I got my shots last year. Had no reaction to either. I’m not boosted, and I won’t get boosted. I’m done participating. Fuck the evil gnome Fauci. I don’t have kids but I can imagine that many people that do are loading PMAGS at this point.

  7. I read recently that Fauci is the single highest paid person on the US government payroll, and has the highest pension of any of them. Interesting.

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