The ADL has become a useless Leftist organization.


This is dogshit that’s bad for Jews (and everyone ekse) for two reasons:

1) Most of the antisemitic attacks in New York City and other Blue areas are from non-white people.  It has been a destructive line by Leftist Jews against the Jewish community to accuse Jews of being racist or worse, white supremacist, for noticing that fact and trying to do something about it.   This only makes the Jewish community less likely to take all the threats against them seriously.

2) This furthers the trope pushed by white supremacists that Jews are all anti-white and Woke, out to destroy society.

I’ve seen it stated this way before: Jews are Schrodinger’s whites.  We’re simultaneously white and not-white, only to be determined in the moment when it does us the most harm.  I.e., were white when Leftists want to attack us for having white privilege and not white when white supremacists want to attack us.

This definition of racism fits this exactly.

This sort of Leftist shit only hurts Jews.

The ADL has fallen to O’Sullivan’s law: All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing.

I’d rather the ADL disband than continue this way.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “F*ck you ADL, you’re making things worse for everyone”
  1. And it continues the twin tropes that: 1. Only white people can be racist; and 2. No attack is racist, no matter how clearly racially motivated, if the victim is white.

    (The only exception is when a black person is a conservative, in which case “race traitor” and “Uncle Tom” attacks are allowed. And totally not racist.)

  2. Um, hasn’t this been obvious for at least a decade or two? I don’t remember a time when the ADL was an organization that actually stands up for Jews, it’s been that long ago. Perhaps in the last century they were…

    1. That would be never, the ADL was founded to throw a black man under the proverbial bus to protect a jewish pedophile in the segregated south, which didn’t work and said pedo got the rope he deserved.

      1. Shhh… We’re not supposed to say anything bad about any Jew because facts are anti-Semitic, don’t you know.

    1. The ACLU has not supported the 2nd Amendment in decades, perhaps not ever. But you’re right, by now it doesn’t support any rights at all; it’s merely yet another left wing agitprop outfit.

  3. Oops. My post didn’t make it.

    Words change meaning seemingly every week. The Left can’t seem to support a position without changing definitions.

    IIRC, the ADLhas been anti-gun for decades. I wrote a couple of times to Foxman without a reply. So, I stopped supporting them. FO.

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