From The Hill:

BuzzFeed to lay off 15 percent of its workforce

BuzzFeed currently employs just under 1,500 employees, meaning a little more than 200 employees will be leaving.

From The Washington Times:

Huffington Post shutters its opinion and health sections

The Huffington Post cut down its commentary and healthcare teams Thursday.

“As of this morning, HuffPost’s opinion section is no more. I and the rest of the team have been let go,” the former head of the opinion section at Huffington Post, Bryan Maygers, tweeted.

From CNN:

Layoffs underway at HuffPost a day after parent company Verizon announced cuts

Wednesday served as a harbinger of what’s in store for the industry, with HuffPost’s parent company Verizon announcing a 7% cut to staff in its media division, a portfolio that also includes Yahoo and AOL. Within hours of that news breaking, BuzzFeed confirmed that it will lay off 15% of its staff. And journalists at Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper chain, shared grim stories throughout the day on Wednesday as the company shed dozens of staffers throughout the country.

In all, the media industry lost about 1,000 jobs nationwide this week.

HA HA HA HA HA, fuck ’em.

After the Category 5 Hurricane Katrina-esque shit storm that was Buzzfeed’s totally fabricated Muller investigation story, followed up by the mendacious journalistic malfeasance of the Covington Catholic School imbroglio, if a bunch of Lefty journalists end up destitute on the streets I do not have a spare fuck to give them.

A spokesperson for HuffPost said the site is “investing its talents and resources to areas that have high audience engagement, differentiation and are poised for growth at a time when our mission means more than ever.”

“We are deeply committed to quality journalism that reflects what matters most to our diverse audiences across the globe,” the spokesperson said.

Horseshit.  I didn’t think that “deeply committed to quality journalism” means “destroying the futures of a bunch of high school kids because they are white boys in MAGA hats.

From the new deleted Twitter feed of a former opinion editor of HuffPo:

Like so many talented and lovely journalists, I was laid off today.

If you’re in the market for an opinion editor with a huge and diverse rolodex, or a columnist with 10 years of writing about gender politics (and a literal PhD in romantic comedies) under her belt, talk to me.

— Chloe Angyal (@ChloeAngyal) January 24, 2019

That right there is why HuffPo is losing money and they had to shit-can a bunch of their staff.

Go woke, go broke.

With a PhD in romantic comedies, she is qualified to make latte.  May she spend the rest of her adult life saying “Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get started for you.”  It’s more than she deserves.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Feel good news of the day”
  1. Isn’t it funny how two guys who run a blog in their spare time and for free are more accurate, don’t pretend to be something they are not (ie opinion disguised as news), and have more integrity than any of the msm or huffpo, vox, BuzzFeed, etc?

    Gee I wonder why the mainstream is failing?

  2. Oh and if anything the journalism professor is dead wrong, this is exactly what socialism/marxists would/should want! Collapse of corporations and centralized structures in favor of the democratization of the news, opinion, and information ie transfer of the means of production for the news, opinion, and information to the people, independent outfits like you guys! This should be a socialist/marxist wet dream but hey, you can’t be bothered to be logically consistent as a traditional journalist so I understand.

  3. An economy that’s doing well, a never ending fount of things to comment on in the White House, platforms that require absolutely minimal physical infrastructure compared to “the old days” print media … and they still can’t make it come together.

    That tells me all I need to know about their abilities re journalism right there.

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