I followed the news of the San Barnardino shooting terrorist attack.  As I understand what happened, two radicalized Islamist Jihadis, Mr. Farook and his wife, planned and executed a massacre in support of ISIS.  Mr. Farook’s neighbor, Mr. Marques, bought the guns used in the attack, in clear violation of federal law.  Mr. Marques was also radicalized and a Jihadi, and he had planned with Mr. Farook and his wife, a different attack which they did not carry out.  To me, this was a clear cut case of radical Islamic terrorism.

To other people, it seems, terrorism had nothing to do with San Bernardino.  It was the guns that were at fault.  Of course, because it’s the gun’s fault, we must ban the guns.  That is the usual train of thought that leads to gun control proposals after an incident like that.

It’s something that we in the gun community have faced before.

At the time of this post, some 917 people have decided to up the ante.  It’s not just the guns.  It’s the pictures of guns, and magazine articles about guns, and advertisements for guns.  They need to go because… moral outrage.

A writer for the Willamette Week published an op-ed criticizing Cabela’s for an flyer advertising $150 off the price of an S&W M&P 15 Sport.  Somebody elese started a Change.org petition to get the grocery store chain Albertson’s (which just so happens to be owned by Cerberus Capital) to stop selling gun magazines.  That petition has some 916 signatures.

What is the logic behind this?  Well, the ad and magazines depict the brand and/or type of gun used in the San Bernardino.

I cannot wrap my mind around the craven, milquetoast, spinelessness that it takes wittiness evil and say “ISIS- SCHMISIS, the real problem is print media about guns.”  Forget terrorism.  Forget radical Islamic ideology.  Forget the use of social media by ISIS to recruit people.  Nope.  The greatest threat to America is hobbyists who like to read about their hobbies and stores that like to advertise sales to their clientele.  If we can only get rid of the magazines and advertisements, we will have peace in our time.


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By J. Kb

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    1. I was going to go there, but my thought was:

      What kind of car was used in Las Vegas? We should do something and demand that manufacturer not advertise anywhere, ever again.

  1. Who ever said that Leftists are intelligent

    They support all sorts of contradictory views and groups so long as they can attack America.

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