He did, he warned her.  He tried to keep her at arm’s length.

She kept advancing and swinging on him.

Then she got tossed like a rag doll.

When she got up notice the shocked look on her face.

She was totally expecting not to fund out from her fucking around because she’s a woman.

That’s female privilege in its truest form.

A man is not supposed to hit a woman.

But a man is allowed to defend himself from violent attack.

She got tossed and deserved it.

She needs to rethink her reality.

When a woman fucks around, a woman can find out.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Female privilege won her a stupid prize”
  1. She ‘might’ need to learn it, but she’s incapable due to her belief matriarchal superiority is her birthright, as evidenced in her having to be restrained from continuing the attack.

    1. Notice that she was restrained AFTER he decided that he had had enough of her shit and returned her violence.

      1. Look again, she had to be restrained by a bystander who kept her from continuing. She was not going to stop if others did not intervene. She learned nothing from being thrown to the floor.

        1. What part did I miss post about “Notice that she was restrained AFTER he decided that he had had enough of her shit and returned her violence.”? I’ll try harder next time.
          The enablers stepped in AFTER he started to fight back, they DID NOT step in when she started the assault.

  2. I think a lot of women don’t understand just how much stronger an equally or slightly larger sized man is than them as well.

    1. They do not, but can learn.
      Buddy of mine use to teach karate (?… one of the martial arts) and some woman would get a promotion to a relatively high belt, say a yellow or green belt, one that requires a demonstration of their skills in an actual fight.
      As they were prancing around with their new belt on, he would challenge a brand new male student to take that belt off of her. Invariably, they were able to in less than a minute. “If that was a real attack, you would be dead, injured, or raped.” And, the prancing stopped.
      It was a learning experience that they never forgot.

  3. While I will acknowledge that females of the species are generally smaller, not as strong, etc… there is nothing saying they cannot take a punch.
    Seriously, why the “hands off” when a woman decides to act just like a drunk a-hole and start/pursue/continue a fight? “Oh… you should not hit a girl.” Why not? Act like a guy, get hit. Act like a girl, avoid the hit.
    And, the guy, definitely trying to de-escalate. Doing the right thing, and I fully support his actions, including the toss down.

  4. I’ve watched the video multiple times. The first few without sound and the last time with sound.
    1 He did warn her “I don’t want to get mad.” He used his reach to try and keep her away from her and gave way every time.
    2 He did not respond to her flailing and hitting his arms and hands.
    3. At the moment you hear her connect with a strike to his face he does respond. She is turning away. I can’t tell if it was a flight reflex or she was “done with the fight” but he wasn’t.
    4. Her back is to him as he grabs her, picks her up and tosses her to the ground. This is likely a low level response on his part.
    5. She gets back up and starts towards him. He shoves her with his left hand and takes up a fighting stance. His right hand goes into a fist.
    6. At that point she starts to back away as people respond. Nobody was trying to stop her from attacking him. It was only at that moment when he went into serious fight mode that people jumped in to stop the fight.
    7. The teacher doesn’t show up until the point where the guy is ready to take her out.
    I’ve noticed this many times in my past. A woman hitting on a man is treated as a joke. He can take it. She’s just a woman.
    During my divorce my wife alleged simple assault. “He put his hands in his pockets as he stepped back. I know he keeps a knife in his pocket. I was afraid for my safety.” It went to court. I’m on the witness stand and was asked if I had every hit her. I answered “Yes, she had hit me three times with her briefcase, when she started the forth swing I stepped a side and knuckle punched her in the biceps. She dropped the briefcase and stopped hitting me.”
    The prosecutor told the judge (bench trial) that it was absolutely wrong of me to hit her under any circumstances.
    I’ve taught my children to treat people as equal. If you are a woman and want to be treated as an equal, expect me to treat you as an equal if you attack me or mine.

  5. The whole “never hit a woman” thing (like every thing else) has been twisted… defense is not assult. You come after me un provoked you get what you get. Gender doesnt matter.. he showed restraint. Nuff said

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