Because of your nation doesn’t have have a Bill of Rights, the government can do whatever the fuck it wants to you and take away whatever it wants to take away from you and you can’t do fuck-all about it.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Fidel’s bastard demonstrates why the Bill of Rights (and the Second Amendment more specifically) is so important”
  1. And its illegal to manufacture them in Canada as well. Its nice how he ignores parliament and just issues decrees from his porcelin throne.

    Less than 20 minutes before his decree they decided to seal from the public the rcmp’s report on the 2020 shooting in NS. The one were the rcmp knew the shooter because he was a paid informant.

  2. Of you read the report you will find this interesting fact, Canadians registered an average of 55,000 handguns per year.

    That sounds like a bad weekend of sales for the US.

    And it sounds exactly like the type of thing democrats want to do.

    1. Rick, I’ve said it before: nearly all politicians of all three branches have ignored, or even despised, the Constitution just about from the moment the ink on it dried. But it does give us a basis to rely on for corrective action, and once in a blue moon we find a judge who actually obeys his oath. Heller wasn’t perfect, but it helped a bit. And ordinary people do know of the Constitution and expect it to be obeyed.
      Contrast that with other countries, where as was pointed out you don’t have a constitution that limits the powers of the government. Or, as in the Dutch case, a constitution that says the courts shall not judge the constitutionality of government actions. (What would you call a document that says, in so many words “I am void” ?)

      1. @pkoning: Good point. Our Constitution is better than the alternatives. It’s sad how relatively clear some of the language is in modern times, and anti-Rights people tell bald-faced lies about it.

        1. Indeed, the Constitution is written in plain English. It had to be, since it was to be ratified by the people.
          As Jefferson put it:
          “Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should therefore be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense; and their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure” — Thomas Jefferson

    2. Right now the only difference between us and Canada is a piece of paper? It is not the Bill of Rights that prevents it from happening. It is our culture, mores, and values that are expressed in the Bill of Rights. If we rely on the paper we’re screwed. Words are twisted. Meanings and history are changed for convenience.

      It was not a right bestowed. It was an explicit restriction on government. It was and is absolute as the whole Bill of Rights is a prohibited list for our federal government. We allow them to twist it into a permission or granting it allows all the arguments they are using. Context means everything.

      They infringe at every opportunity. They push the limits until we are desensitized so they can push again. And we, not the Supreme Court have to decide and enforce the unconstitutionality of all the laws in violation of all our rights. Through every means possible and every opportunity. But the moment we go to violence the contract for governance creating the federal government, the Constitution is null and void. If the terms of a contract are not fulfilled, the partnership is void and a new argument must be negotiated as a Federal Government is needed to represent us as a Union. And that is very unsure ground here as well as an opportunity for the international community to step in.

      No easy solution and hoping someone smarter has an answer. But it starts and ends with the people not a piece of paper. Fear has slowed them down. Not stopped them.

  3. Reminder.
    This is the very same PM who declared the anti-vaxx truck convoy was terrorism, and froze the trucker’s bank accounts.
    Is it any wonder they are trying to disarm the population?

  4. So.

    Two mentally disturbed 18 year olds that were either known to the authorities, or everyone knew were going to burn a bearing and start shooting, burnt a bearing and started shooting. And the ‘leader’ of another country, where I don’t recall that ever happening, wants to prevent it by banning guns there. Gotcha.

    Two questions:
    How does an 18 year old ne’r do well spin out of control with veryone knowing but no one doing anything about them?
    And where does said ne’r do well get the cash to buy all that gear and who knew about it? Long guns like that stand out.

    I know in the first case, once a kid is 18, they have to opt in for parents to know anything about their health. Such was the case in Parkland, where the woman couldn’t know and couldn’t get the twisted kid out of her house.

    Second question is a mystery. But these latest two seemed to have thousands in kit.

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