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holy crap roundMARYLAND: Today at Aberdeen Proving Ground, a rifle round designed to go faster than the speed of light was successfully tested. Colonel Peter “Pike” Bishop, head of the project explained that the round’s concept was originally conceived by B.L. Swagger, a civilian rifle shooter aficionado and “wildcat” ammunition designer who have managed to create a round that achieved 0.74 Warp (75,000 mph) but the bullets started to disintegrate after that.

Col. Bishop went on to explain that new propellant powders were developed and the bullet was redesigned around a depleted uranium core covered on a copper jacket held together by a titanium mesh and a ceramic tip normally used in the Space Shuttle to withstand the excessive heat of atmospheric re-entry.

Details about reach and power were not released by the Army, but scientist from MIT say that this round can knock off a small mountain from 500 miles away like it was an anthill. Nothing on the type of weapon that shot this particular round was released but experts tend to agree that it would have to be from a big rifle or a small artillery piece.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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18 thoughts on “First Rifle Round to Achive Warp Speed.”
  1. A little faster and it would have a 100% accuracy rate. Set it with a 2 second delay and if it doesn’t blow up, stop an aim again. Since the round would go back in time you only need fire it after the target is destroyed.

  2. Countdown until CSGV or the Brady Campaign say this is evidence that all firearms must be confiscated or the end of the world will occur…in three…two…one…

    Yes, they are that stupid.

  3. Looks like a .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer, which is, in fact, a real round.

    It was a ‘gag’ cartridge designed by PO Ackley (name sake of the ‘Ackley Improved’ line of cartridges) as a .375 WBY Mag necked to .224 cal.

    Using solid copper bullets (jacketed bullets come apart), the .22 Loudenboomber has achieved velocities over 5,500 fps. Barrel life, however, is about 10 rounds.

    Other .224 cal ‘hyper-overbore’ cartridges have been developed, also as gags by wildcatters. I have seen, once in my life, a .224 Loudenboomer based off shortened .50 bmg brass. No rifle to go with it, just a reloader having fun with a sizing die.

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