Florida: Agriculture Commissioner goes also to recount.

The race for state agriculture commissioner appears too close to call.
The most updated numbers show Republican candidate Matt Caldwell as leading Democrat Nikki Fried with 50.08 percent of the vote.
That close margin is likely to trigger an automatic recount with just 12,521 votes between them. An automatic recount happens when the difference is less than half a percentage point, and this race is at 0.16 percent.

Automatic recount looms in Florida ag commissioner race with 0.16 percent vote margin

Last time I checked, this race was done and the difference was close but enough. All of the sudden we now have three seats in which the Democrats suddenly are popping votes from nowhere and closing the gaps to activate recounts.

Here is the official Florida Elections Watch and here is a screen capture taken at 1:45 pm 11/8/2018. The only counties that have not finished the Mail-In ballots are Broward and Palm Beach.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do believe we are watching a coup in progress orchestrated from Broward County, Palm Beach county and its Democrats. Not happy that their politics killed 15 kids at Parkland, they are now aiming for the rest of the sate.

We are about to lose Florida.

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  1. This is why I’m such a staunch advocate of making voting ONLY in person and with ID.

    The only absentee or mail in ballots should be for persons in the military or overseas state department.

    1. I worked “twelve hour” shifts. 7 am to 7 pm. In by 6 am to start the turnover process, and if stuff happened between 5 and 7 pm, sometimes couldn’t leave before we stabilized things and finished the important paperwork at 7:30 or 8 pm (and spent half the next shift finishing the unimportant paperwork). Luckily every Election Day I worked the night shift, and voted on the way home.

      My neighbor does field service work. He may get a call at midnight, and be gone for two days, two weeks or two months.

      Some people need the option of absentee ballots. The problem is the games people (Democrats) play with them.

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