Florida Concealed Weapons Permit: Are we being distracted from the real danger?

Well, the panic is out there. The story about the CWP denial because of some BS restraining order is making the rounds and people are starting to lose their minds about it. I still have my suspicious that the story is not quite believable for some of the obvious mistakes presented. I am not giving Ag Commissioner Nikki “Ganja” Fried any trust that she won’t fuck with us (Just the opposite) but this particular incident? I am holding credence on it.

And you know what I do not see people freaking out about? The real threat to Concealed Weapons Permits in the legislature with SB 1122  which is meant to almost cut in half the number of years the license is valid plus add a new shooting test to the requirement to get the license.

Mind you, after 30+ years, Florida permit holders have a fantastic record of firearms safety, but somehow this year apparently we became morons that cannot shoot a gun properly and Democrats need to make sure we qualify for what we already proven to be more than safe.

If you have been unjustly revoked or suspended of your CWP, contact Lee Williams, The Gun Writer. I trust him.

6 Replies to “Florida Concealed Weapons Permit: Are we being distracted from the real danger?”

  1. Can you buy a gun without having to do a NICS background check if you show the Florida license? We can in Texas. I had heard that in order to do so background checks (license renewals) had to be done at least every 5 years. Don’t know how that works in Florida. We don’t have any “waiting period” either.

      1. Perhaps a strategy would be to get your state association to agree to a 5 year license and apply to have the NICS check waved. With all the guns I’ve bought over the years, that saved me a lot of time. Especially on those times the NICS was “down”

  2. Where I fear this is going to screw people hard is out of state permit holders.

    I still have my FL permit and intend never to get rid of it or let it lapse. But how am I supposed to do the live fire if I don’t live in the state? Will Florida let out of state instructors sign off on the qualification? That is a whole can of worms that I can see reducing the number of issued FL permits, the drop in out of state applications.

    1. I don’t see why not. Even the anti-gun state of MA allows out of state instructors to sign non-resident permit documents for non-residents. I got one some years ago, though I have no use for it and it probably expired by now.

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