Florida: HB 197 – No Carry in a child care facility.

Representative  Cindy Polo (D) thinks carrying a gun while dropping off or picking up the kids at Day Care is a danger.   How many times have we heard about shootouts in Child Care facilities through the decades of CWP in Florida? For some reason I can’t seem to shake the idea that Ms. Polo is trying to make Churches Gun Free Zones by sheer proximity knowing that most Houses of Worship offer child care on days of service. It would force parents to disarm before dropping the kids or force the church to have people getting the kids from the parents outside the child care area.
As they say, the devil is in the details with HB 197.

Text of the bill.

6 Replies to “Florida: HB 197 – No Carry in a child care facility.”

  1. Sounds like the beginning of an attempt at a de facto gun ban. Make carry illegal within a 1000 foot radius of enough places and carry becomes unworkable.

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