HB 1097 would allow a school principal to designate one or more members of school personnel to carry a concealed firearm or weapon while performing his or her official duties. The designated personnel must complete additional training and coursework that covers emergency procedures, life safety, methods of prevention, terrorism awareness and firearm proficiency to ensure they are prepared to respond appropriately in the event that a threat arises on campus. Also, the bill would require each school to have a school safety officer present on campus, unless the principal has already designated a member of school personnel to carry a weapon or firearm on that campus.

via School Safety News from Representative Greg Steube.

And that is a good First Step. All Floridians should contact your state Rep and have them support this bill.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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5 thoughts on “Florida School Safety by Representative Greg Steube”
  1. A similar bill has been introduced in Alabama. HB53


    This bill would authorize the formation of volunteer emergency security forces at public K-12 schools in the state consisting of current and retired school employees and local citizens.

    This bill would provide for the role of the sheriff and the chief of police in the training and supervision of emergency security forces.

    This bill would provide for implementation of the act by the State Department of Education and each local board of education.

    This bill would also provide for indemnification.

  2. This! This would end the spree shootings.

    I need to write to my state legislators and beg them to try pushing a copy of THIS across the board.

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