That is what our “betters” keep saying and testify with Pentecostal fervor.  So I wanted to once again check the numbers to what has been touted and used as reference for all the claims: The Tampa Bay Times’ Stand Your Ground Law database. The TBT says in its database that “What follows is the most comprehensive list of “stand your ground” cases ever created.” Damn, that is impressive. Except they have not updated the database since October of 2014. Let’s say that the Tampa Bay Time always has been and shall be against the Second Amendment so the numbers may be tilted in favor of eliminating SYG, if at all.

Click to enlarge. And no, Zimmerman was not a SYG case, but they perpetuate the lie.

I have no idea why they have not updated the database, but the data is still there and they have been assuring us since year one that SYG is racist so the numbers for the last 8 years should prove it.

How many blacks have been the victims of SYG? According to the database, 45 Blacks died during that time frame and 38 were injured for a total of 83 victims.


Let’s compare against White victims: 81 dead and 43 injured for a total of 124.  Apparently the White folks are being decimated with SYG compared to the victims from Black population by 35%.


OK, but that does not mean squat, Whites killing Whites? Who cares? Is the Oppressive White racists killing the Black Men. Not so fast Ke-mo sah-bee! Total of White people invoking SYG after the killing of a Black Person is 11.  Total of Black people killing other Black people invoking SYG: 29 cases. That is almost three to one ratio of Black killing more Blacks under SYG than White Killing Blacks.

So there is no inherent or added racism in Florida’s Stand Your ground. It is just the constant use of the race card to elicit anger and embarrassment, to see if they can somehow turn back legislation. But it is not gonna happen, still and by far, Floridians like Stand Your ground by almost 70% and that is a huge number to flip around.

Maybe the Tampa Bay Times realized how far the numbers they obtained did not match with the message they were spreading and decided not continue updating the database? Sort of like with the Concealed Weapons Permit stats: instead of showing the world how bloodthirsty gun owners are, they became an embarrassment for politicians who were trying to badmouth people possibly 5 times more law-abiding than them.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “Florida Stand Your Ground is Racist!!”
    1. They’ll just change their definitions like they did w/ ‘school shootings’. Lots of ‘white hispanic’ in those pictures along with some ‘white blacks’.

  1. Then the ratio of blacks to European whites (excluding Hispanics, Asians, and Middle Eastern Americans) which is 12% to 50% respectively, should be factored into argument along with blacks committing over 50% of all violent crimes in the nation. Not sure of the demographic status of Tampa Florida presently. I suspect there are more than 12% of the population there who are black Americans, but have not studied it recently.
    My personal experience is that the minorities of America are the most racists demographic. Whites are the least racist…I know all the white, black, Asian, and Jews I know and associate with in Central Florida are not racist at all. All fine Americans and don’t believe SYG will be used as a tool against fact just the opposite is believed will be the case.
    There are two types of gun-owners, criminals and non-criminals with the latter being near 90% of the nation’s gun-owning population.

  2. I saw the following comment in another article and I came across your page while researching the accuracy. I decided to use FBI statistics and the most recent year was 2015. I posted a short summary below, but there is much more information on the FBI link.
    “””“More than 8,000 gun-related hate crimes take place in our country every year, and now with this already deadly law expanded, I fear even more violence for Florida’s marginalized communities. “”””

    In 2015 there were 7,173 total hate crime victims from 6,885 hate crime events. 18 of those resulted in a murder or manslaughter. That is in the whole US. They were not all gun related. In fact, I can’t even find statistics for gun related hate crimes. Anyway, just over half were racially motivated. About a third were driven by ethnicity, while religion, sexual orientation and gender were next most common.

    1. And out of those 6,885 Hate crimes, 2,338 were crimes against property (vandalism).
      Plus don’t forget the top 5 states for Hate Crimes:
      New York
      New Jersey

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