Florida Urgent News: An attempt to kill Stand Your Ground is on its way.

Democratic leaders have secured signatures from the necessary 20 percent of Florida House and the Senate members to require Secretary of State Ken Detzner to poll all legislators as soon as Monday about convening a special session to address the state’s controversial ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.
“Breaking News: Proud to announce we’ve gained enough signatures in support of special session on the ‘Stand Your Ground Law,’” tweeted Sen. Kionne McGhee, D-Cutler Bay, the House Minority Leader-designate, Saturday. “Secretary of State has to begin polling legislators.”

As Democrats demand special session, NRA, key Republicans say fatal shooting may not meet ‘Stand Your Ground’ standards

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is serious stuff. They will not be happy with simply reversing SYG but I am sure they will impose Duty to Retreat and Self-Defense in Florida, for all intents and purposes, will be dead.

Time to contact you state  congresscritter and let him now you do NOT want SYG infringed in any way. Remind them cordially that elections are upcoming.

Click here to find your State Senator.

Click here to find your State Representative.

Get going.

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