Did you see the news last week about the terrorist cell operating in Belgium?  They were preparing a terrorist attack in that country and were arrested just a few hours before the start of their attack.  How were they going to do it?  They had Belgian police uniforms, explosives, and rifles.  The terrorists were going to dress as cops, bomb police stations and shoot citizens in the street.

How many of you would resist a uniformed police officer pointing a gun at you?  Most probably wouldn’t.  That’s why the attack would be so effective

via Uniformed Terrorists | Active Response Training.

Again and excellent article that you must read. And if you are about to say “Well the chances of being attacked by a terrorist…” stop right there. This article is more than just terrorism because it applies also to your common criminals wearing police uniforms and you cannot say that has never happened.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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8 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Uniformed Terrorists”
  1. You know, I’d say Randy Weaver and the Branch Dividians got to deal with their share of uniformed terrorists.

  2. I would think it would be even easier here in the US. Our uniforms are simpler and just about anybody can go into a uniform supply shop or go online and buy uniform slacks and a shirt. You can get a gun/duty belt fully outfitted on eBay. The tough part would be the badge and patch, but replicas and/or props can be purchased easily.

    But the reality is, I doubt the uniform would need to be perfect for this tactic to be effective. How closely do most people look at cops. I bet that in a big city, if you got close with the uniform and gear and put on a kids toy police dress-up plastic badge, the majority of people would walk right by and not notice the difference.

    1. Not as easy to pass as cop as you would think, some people are observant and will catch something out of whack. Not long ago there was a video posted in Youtube where they authors complained of harassment by a cop just because he was dressed in arab motif. Being video and shot from a distance, people immediately called BS on the cop. The creators ended up fessing up.

    2. You can pick up an embroidery machine at hobby lobby. I won’t even bother to google to see what models come with software to feed the machine a jpeg to replicate… Any hi-res pic off the net will get you the patch.

      Badge? Glazed ceramics baby!

  3. The Internet term for these people is “Fauxnly Ones”.

    From the same folks who brought us the term, “Only Ones”.

    Is it a sign of the times that any interaction with someone in uniform automatically elevates me into Condition Orange, or is that just me?

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