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Yes, you read it right. And no, it is not a joke.

Victims of domestic violence will have their kitchen knives replaced with blunt utensils to prevent their partners attacking them in their own home.

Nottinghamshire Police are piloting the scheme where around 100 ‘no point’ knives will be handed to victims who have either been threatened or attacked with a knife.

Police are concerned about the high level of knife-related incidents that happen in the home, and are hoping the new scheme has the potential to save lives.

Police handing out blunt knives to domestic violence victims to reduce stabbings in the home

Here is a picture of such knives:

And yes, they can still cut. They can still slice throats and generate dozens of deep cuts that will kill somebody, just not stabbing. Stabby Stabby Bad, Colombian Necktie Good.

Institutionalized idiocy.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Formerly Great Britain: Police handing out blunt knives to domestic violence victims to reduce stabbings in the home”
  1. They’ve completely lost their minds over there. “If we only outlaw this one more thing, we can stop murder entirely”

  2. I guess they must have read some 19th century sailing novels. I read in one of those about the practice of ship’s officers to examine the knives of sailors as they board, and break off the points on any that had them. Which is why a standard “rigger’s knife” looks a bit like what you see here. Then again, sailors still had belaying pins available to them, not to mention marlinspikes.

    1. Sheepfoot blades are more for safety than anything else. Much less about stabbing another sailor as stabbing yourself while the boat pitches on a rough sea.

      1. I saw that in last week’s episode of Deadliest Catch where one crew member got stabbed with his own knife, ” The Vickie” a Victorinox 3 1/4 inch paring knife they seem to carry for safety from tangled ropes and going overboard.
        I remember because those are the knives we use in the Gonzalez Abode,

        1. The best way to avoid becoming entangled is to not lift your feet off the deck. By shuffling, one avoids stepping into the bight (loop) of a line. Also, sailors are known to be superstitious. However, some of their arcane beliefs stem from sound reasoning.

          The superstition of not turning all the way around to make a 360* turn comes from the possibility of becoming entangled in a line as a 360* would create a bight or a half hitch around your ankle or leg. And, as lines on a boat are in service of something, the chances are you will be pulled aloft or over the rail. So, reverse your turn when at work.

    2. pkoning: Richard Henry Dana wrote of that in his book, Two Years Before The Mast. I think it was also mentioned in Melville’s Moby Dick.

      HP: As for the lunacy ‘over there’, consider the crap here in the U.S. I just read of a ‘pistol purchase permit’ not just in NC but apparently several other states too. A what? You got to be effing kidding me! I do not have a criminal record but I would never comply with such blatant governmental assholery.

  3. Next the edges will be dulled. And scissors with points will be rounded off and dulled. Stupidity knows no bounds! This is what a society of sheep looks like after the gov takes away your right to defend yourself and becomes responsible for your own safety. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  4. I suspect that files will be the next thing on the ban menu.
    Because a few minutes with a simple file can make those pointy again.

  5. So the government’s answer to the victims of domestic violence is to also make dinnertime an exercise in frustration. Well done Britain. Kick ’em while their down.

  6. Nonono! You guys have it ALL WRONG! Everybody (well, all Right Thinking People!) know that, absent guns, and knives, and blunt objects, and pointy objects honed to an edge on pavement, and larger people, and crowds of people, and shod feet, and fists, and young fit people attacking old, crippled/weak/crippled people, and gravity, and expedient weapons (like tree branches, or chunks of paving or bricks), or shattered pieces of window glass, or fire, well, there would be no violence whatsoever, and humanity could return ot it’s basic state of pastoral tranquil, peaceful life. You know, like before OrangeManBad!

    And, yet, you mock Britain.

    I just do not understand all you haters. It as if you did not want Peace! In! Our! Time! (another Brit innovation, that worked out howlingly well,donchathink?)

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