Things are getting better. I have a few rounds to be pulled. All the “hot” rounds have been put in a safe place, and I’ll pull them tomorrow.

There have been a couple of horrific opinions issued by the courts in the last few weeks. I’m going to be looking at more of them.

There have been a few wins. The 11th Circuit has vacated the opinion of the 3 judge panel and is currently planning on hearing the 18-20 yo aren’t a part of The People en banc.

The 2nd Circuit is still dragging their heels. The 7th Circuit hard testimony and is not going into wait it out mode. The 4th circuit still hasn’t made up their mind if they are going to follow Bruen and declare Kolbe bad law.

I’m still looking for dana950 and OldNFO to contact me via email.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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