Another week, another change. Hagar finally got me the new fonts. I am responsible for the final look in our header. If you don’t like it, you can say so. If you like it, that would be nice to hear as well.

It has been a long week at this end of the keyboard. The kids cars needed to have their yearly inspection. Blue Haired fairie’s car failed with an “exhaust leak”. That happened for two reasons. Our mechanic had to move on short notice, he is in a different town. He lost his phone number when he moved. We couldn’t find him.

Wife found him. I got an appointment. Ended up having to take kid’s car to be fixed and re-inspected. A few hundred dollars later, it was fixed and passed inspection.

Boy’s car was up later that afternoon. They told him that he needed brake work and new tires. They were getting ready to hand over the car when the left rear brake line let go. Unsafe to travel. I had to drive out to pick him up.

My wife’s car had an ECM failure so was at the dealership being fixed. I came out to find that I had a flat tire on the truck.

In less than 24 hours, 3 out of four vehicles were offline.

We made it through, wife’s care is back. My truck will have a replacement or repair done in the next day. My son’s car should be ready for pickup today.

On top of all of this, I got interested in a couple of my articles and ended up writing until 0100 on one night and 0130 on the next night. I’m running on short sleep right now.

Enough complaining. It is a beautiful day. I have lost enough girth that I can actually practice my draw. I’m working with a shot timer for the first time. I’m only doing 8 rounds a day. It gets me up and outside. All is right with my world.

Now if only the rest of the world was not charging headlong into violence.

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By awa

14 thoughts on “Friday Feedback”
  1. Site looks good. 8 rounds a day is a good pace, just make sure you do all your practice draw steps the same every time, build muscle memory. I haven’t shot anything since September…

  2. Damn Awa, I wouldn’t wish that Auto Nightmare on my worst enemy. But on the bright side, hopefully you won’t have any auto issues again for a while. Congrats on making progress with physical conditioning. Keep it up. Now as to the font change, well….my first thought was, hmmm, this doesn’t go well with a Gun Free Zone, it’s not….ummm Formal enough, or a font which acts to imply a ‘warning of prohibition’. Now, take into account that I’m a………conventional type of guy. It looks nice though, like something one of daughters would do—a hip progressive kid thing. Trees and a residential rooftop for a backdrop? Hmm, it doesn’t give me the ‘feel’ of a Gun Free Zone.
    But if Miguel, J.Kb, and you and hagar like it, I’ll just wear darker sunglasses when I visit. — Please take my comments with a sense of humor and sarcasm. My favorite color is Black and my second favorite color is White. LOL.

        1. Hi. I love the site and read every article. Since you asked about the header, I’ll share what I had recently been thinking. The new image looks great. I’d suggest dropping the second appearance of “Gun Free Zone” that has a block background. It’s redundant, and the first instance looks better, more professional.

      1. Every time I’ve looked at the rent/own trade, I concluded that owning my own hardware pays for itself in one to two years. Right now we’re on cable modem (that is only a modem, no wifi router built in), but it was also true with DSL.
        In fact, if you’re on DSL and would like our former DSL modem/router, I’d be glad to send it your way. We upgraded to cable-based internet for speed and cost savings; the modem itself is relatively new and was working just fine last time it was plugged in. The trouble we’re having at the moment, is with the WiFi router that connects to the cable modem.

    1. That’s a bit of a loaded question without more details, but….
      Lawful2Shoot? is correct; any of those at his link would do the job.
      Our router is a Netgear Nighthawk R6700v3. It’s a few years old now, and it’s not the fastest router out there, but we don’t have the fastest internet service, either, so the router isn’t the bottleneck. (The router it replaced came from the ISP; it was single-band, 4-channel, couldn’t keep up with the service speeds, and lagged with more than 4-5 devices.) We routinely have a dozen or so devices connected — counting media streamers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and a printer — and it handles the traffic with no problems, from anywhere in the house and curtilage. I think they go for about $100 on Amazon right now.
      Bottom line, if you want to do a deep-dive into features and match the router to your internet service and usage, that’s fine. If not, it’s better to spend a bit more for a more capable one (faster, more bands/channels, etc.) than to get a cheap one that won’t keep up with your future use.
      Also, stick with known brands, but not Cisco. No-name, made-in-China brands are likely to have been back-doored by the CCP, and Cisco’s on-board security is crap; their devices have been compromised more times than I can count.
      Just my $0.02.

  3. Re the header and fonts, looks okay to me; but then on my usual device (cell phone), it’s about the size of a postage stamp so it doesn’t really impact my reader experience either way.

  4. Fonts look good. I noticed the change earlier this week. The “handwriting”-style is clear enough to look professional but the variance in the individual letters allows a bit of whimsy and personal touch that block lettering just doesn’t have. Good choice.
    We’re a one-car family at the moment. Kid #1 has his own vehicle but he lives on his own, so that doesn’t count. Kid #2 isn’t quite driving yet. We got our one car used but fortunately it’s a late-enough model that it still has some warranty left, and we maintain it meticulously. I can’t imagine having that many car problems in that short a time, but it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Glad it seems to be on the down-slope. *knocks wood*

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