And, of course, it had to come from CSGV and its Laddites:

CSGV add caption

Here are a sample of the captions offered:

Annabelle Massey Malloy Child endangerment.
(Of what)

David T. Kindler Low T male overcompensating for lack of love and security as a child. Afraid his wife will draw down on him first.
(So the wife is compensating for what?)

Mina Nichols When Daddy carries a gun, we get the park to ourselves!
(Child Molesters do tend to stay away)

Max Gordon “No, it’s okay to carry guns. We’re white!”
(The Race Card. Don’t open your mouth without it.)

Len Leyba Call law enforcement immediately. As citizens we have no idea who these two people are and what they want at a children’s play area with guns.
(Because SWATting people to Death never gets old)

Sally L. Shockley The family that slays together stays together.
(And yet, no bodies are dropping like flies, no blood running through the park)

Jason Platt You only shoot the ones you love
(Jason sounds like he has done this before.)

Kara Leinfelder Meyer Stupid ass people. Should be required to have a psych test before gun permit – and procreation
(Nothing says open mindedness like a little statism)

Rose Marguerite McDermott Children dead after parents go on shooting rampage in park…..
(Projection much?)

Maité Landa No caption, but as a Latina with biracial daughters, I would not feel “safe” or welcome in that park
(The Capital One Race Card! Double the points!)

Stephen W. Ramsden “even my wife has a tiny penis”
(I really do not want to meet this guy’s wife. )

Mariange Marti Berk Berk berk grrrrrr.grrrrrr.
(Your guess is as good as mine)

Mary Lynn Hager If you ask me to push you one more time I am going to blast your head off
(You can feel the love, Can’t you?)

There is plenty more where that came for.

CSGV let the hate flow through you

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

20 thoughts on “From the “Let the hate flow through you” files.”
  1. I didn’t see the guns at first, but I did see hers before his. She really needs to think about that whole fashion sense and dressing around the gun so it disappears better. 😀

    1. Let’s see – you can see the gun on her hip because she is open carrying, and you suggest she exercise more “fashion sense”? I’ll try like heck to avoid the “concealed carry gives me the tactical element of surprise against someone already holding a gun on me” thing and just deal with the “open carry suggests picking a different victim”.

      I really don’t care if you OC or CC, but it does frost me when someone “on our side” puts down any form of carry.

      stay safe.

  2. It’s always interesting (and scary) to hear from the horse’s mouth what they think about the world. They really are loathsome people.

  3. In all fairness, it looks like they care carrying Ruger SR9s. I expect them to catch flack from the Glock and 1911 fanboys for their poor decisions making capabilities.

  4. Well, they are right about one thing; those who think like the CSGV will vacate the park and let them play unmolested (unless they SWAT them).

    What should really scare them, but doesn’t because they are irrational and hysterical, is that all the time there are adults in the park who are legally carrying concealed. The picture shows them with the firearms in the open, but the reality is many people are carrying concealed…and yet none of their worries of racism or blood on the park swings come true.

    1. Hey! Let’s rip on those who have guns and abide by the law. Include the cops in on it too. After all it’s easier to do it that way than ripping on the gang bangers causing the drive bys, ISN’T IT?

  5. The fact that you have to have ads showing people happy to carry guns openly in a park with children shows the level to which our government – which the left trust absolutely with their safety and rights – have failed us all.

  6. Oh the irony of that twink David Kindler calling anyone other man “Low T” Kindler is basically built like a prepubescent girl.

  7. I would appreciate the removal of my name and link to my FB page page for your post. Please. Thank you.

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