Gamma Male of the Week

Wow. I think he needs less fiber in his diet and maybe a couple of shots of Cuban coffee to grow at least one and some cheese to bind him.

Who is this guy?

According to his mini-bio in the Twin Cities Pioneer:

 He came to the Pioneer Press in 2005 and brings a testy East Coast attitude to St. Paul beat reporting.

You mean a wuss who talks a lot but shits his pants at loud sounds.. Gotcha!

9 Replies to “Gamma Male of the Week”

  1. According to his LinkedIn profile, he hails from the Milton Academy, a prestigious boarding prep school outside of Boston.

    I guess by “testy East Coast attitude” it means he’ll get you banned from the Country Club and not say shit to your face.

  2. I appreciate his honesty. He truly is a gamma male.

    Come on now.

    If you are wearing hearing protection and you do not have a limp wrist, you will be fine.

    He truly does need a big government to help him get through life. Poster child for Democrats cradle to grave socialism.

  3. I nearly shit myself after shooting a ‘sniper rifle’ – actually a scoped Remington 700 in 308-… and saw the splash on the target 1000 yards away.

  4. Like many midwestern states, MN is deep blue in the city and moderately red everywhere else. The two main newspapers are… well what most every newspaper is these days, a poor substitute for birdcage liner. We actually have a decent gun culture (250k CC holders), with better laws than some (cough cough Florida), open/concealed doesn’t matter, carry pretty much anywhere but a courthouse or fed building, 5yr permit, NFA items ok, hunting with cans, etc. We don’t tend to pay much attention to the weenies in the media.

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