Gay Gun Group Believes Its D.C. Court Win Puts Homophobes on Notice | US News

It was not that long ago when we were reading political pundits announcing that Gun Control should follow the example of Gay Rights. In fact, some activists stood behind the president demanding a solution to “gun violence.”

“While our congressional leadership has refused to do anything at all, the President took action to help address our nation’s ongoing cycle of gun violence and we will be monitoring its impact,” said Rea Carey, National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director. “If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.”

Source: What Gun Control, LGBT Rights Have in Common |

That was January of this year. Day before yesterday, another Gay Rights group managed to place a legal bomb in the field of battle:

A group that advocates for gay Americans to carry firearms says its Tuesday victory in federal court against a restrictive concealed carry law in the nation’s capital is a twofold win for their cause.
Pink Pistols leader Gwen Patton says U.S. District Judge Richard Leon handed the group not only a win with real-world effects but fantastic free publicity for its mission.Leon issued a preliminary injunction against the city’s requirement that residents supply a specific “good reason” ª generalized fear of crime doesn’t cut it – to acquire a license to carry a gun, finding that requirement is likely unconstitutional.
The judge did not stay his injunction, meaning a lower standard for reviewing license applications is in place unless either Leon or the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit presses pause as the lawsuit continues.But so long as the injunction stands, Patton believes it could have a deterrent effect.“It’s been almost an automatic assumption that gay people won’t fight back, that they’re passive, they’re weak,” she says. “We’re putting it out there that you don’t know which of the gay people out there are armed. … Don’t attack gay people because that could be a really bad decision.”

Source: Gay Gun Group Believes Its D.C. Court Win Puts Homophobes on Notice | US News

Basically, they came out of the closet, guns blazing and hitting doubles. Now, Pink Pistols is not a large organization or command the immediate attention of the traditional media with one snap of the fingers, but they do represent a chink in  LGQTB armor who is mostly lock-stepped with the Ultra Liberal politics. They owe no allegiance to anybody but themselves and they are going to be a hard target to destroy by the lib machinery, least they run the risk of being cataloged as (take your pick)-phobic.

Pink Pistols like to say Armed queers don’t get bashed. Good luck to our Opposition trying to counter that.

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  1. Indeed. I wonder what the lefties on South Beach will say when a LGBTQ person successfully defends themselves using a firearm?

  2. I’ve been a member of the Pink Pistols and Log Cabin Republicans for years, I’ve never been disappointed by either group’s efforts on my behalf… Although both a small organizations. (Mind you, compared to the NRA, just about every advocacy group is small.)

    You’d be surprised how many LGBT folk are “in the closet” when it comes to identifying as conservative/libertarian and/or supporting robust gun rights. I know that my personal experience isn’t a scientifically accurate survey, but I’ve met dozens of open and proud LGBT people that hide their politics… And not because they fear backlash from the conservative/libertarian movement, but ostracism from the LGBT community.

    Again, speaking from my personal experience, the reaction from most conservative/libertarian activists u interact with when they learn I am bisexual ranges from total disinterest to an enthusiastic “Meh.” On the other hand, when most people in the LGBT community learn I’m a libertarian and a GOP voter is to freak the fuck out.

    The plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data,’ of course, but most LGBT conservatives that I speak with share similar stories to mine. That’s good enough for me to think it could be a trend.

      1. I made that avatar a few years ago, it has more hair on top than I do these days. Still, in the wise words of a Captain Picard meme: “Going bald doesn’t mean losing your hair. It means getting more head.”

  3. People that are in groups that tend to see more violence committed to them than most (i.e. like LGBT) should definitely take a stance that they won’t stand for that kind of thing and promote self defense within their group. Supporting the Bill of Rights should not be a partisan issue, and even most conservatives you meet can agree that regardless of their take on your lifestyle (which, honestly, most of us actually don’t care about anyway…you do your thing and I’ll do mine) you still have the same right to self defense as anyone.

    I think this group is awesome. Or, better yet, I think they are FABULOUS.

    1. This is because as a general rule, conservatives favor individuality over collectivism. When someone does wrong, we blame the criminal not “society.” When someone does good, we give credit to the individual, not the government that helped him “build that.”

      We don’t give a rip that Ben Carson or Thomas Sowell are black. We care about their ideas.

      We don’t give a shit about Michelle Malkin or Bobby Jindal being Asian. We care about their ideas.

      We don’t give a rat’s ass about Milo Yiannopoulos being flamboyantly gay. We care about his ideas.

      The left, in general, is all about collectivism for good or for ill. No criminal is responsible for his actions, it’s all society’s fault. If someone does good, it’s not a result of their efforts “they didn’t build that.”

      All blacks are interchangeable cogs in the machine that is the “Black Community.” All women are indistinguishable drones that only care about “Women’s Issues.” All gay and lesbian people are mass produced parts of a hive mind that is the “LGBTQEIEIO Culture.”

      Step out of line, get smacked down hard. For your own good.

      Identity Politics Über Alles.

      1. …you know…I’ve never thought of it like that. However, looking back at just about every politically based interaction I’ve ever had they all fit that mold perfectly. I think that’s a very good way of putting it that cuts to the core of the parties extremely well. Thank you for that.

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