The government loves to limit the capacity of Americans’ products.

I had a shower head that I bought years ago.  I loved it so much that I moved it across the country with me four times through five homes.

It was a Moen handheld shower head that predated the last of the EPA water flow rate regulations.

It finally died over the weekend.  I amount of epoxy could fix it, I tried.

So I bought a new one.  Same model, just that it conforms to the EPA regulations.

Thanks Obama, it pisses on my head and tells me that its a shower massage.

I fixed it with a needle nose plier and a DeWalt drill.  I don’t know what the current flow rate is, but it makes me happy.

I also opened up my water heater and cranked it to max temp.  Don’t try using just the hot water in my house.  We live dangerously here.

I’m an American, I don’t want anybody to tell me what the flow rate of my shower should be, how many rounds my magazine can hold, and what my miles per gallon of my truck or sports car must be.  The only limit should be what I can afford.

If I want to shower with a fire hose, pass everything on the road but a gas station, and CCW a SAW, that’s my business.

And even though I don’t vape, if want to inhale aerosolized nicotine that tastes like a bowl of fruit loops too, that’s also none of the government’s business either.

Stop putting limits on what I as an American can have.

An EPA mandated lukewarm stream of piss is not a luxurious hot shower.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Get out of my gun safe and my shower”
  1. Agreed! I just had to have a hot water heater replaced and ‘I’ turn it up, because the techs weren’t allowed to. And I’m dreading replacing my ‘good’ shower head…

  2. Somehow, I seriously doubt that the homes of Bloomberg, Obama, Pelosi, AOC, and others of the modern American Nomenklatura are afflicted with the same kind of almost useless appliances they force upon the hoi polloi..

  3. The government mandated toilets don’t work, plug up all the time, then need lots of flushes to clear. My shower head was the same, take out the restrictor works good. Everything the government touches it screws up. Purchased a gas can lately?

  4. “CCW a SAW”…laughed until my spleen burst.

    Hmm…do the ladies ask if you are hiding a SAW or just happy to see them?

  5. Could not agree more. My shower heads could be used as a pressure washer and thats how I like it daw gonnit.

    If I want little tepid dribbles of water I’ll go camping otherwise gimmie something that can strip paint off concrete and hot enough to steam a lobster.

  6. I pack a multitool and some teflon tape in my checked luggage. After I get the beverages cooling, I check out the shower. Oftentimes some has already fixed the issue for me.

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