If the rumors are true and the Virginia Beach shooter used a suppressor, it is time to buy yours now before the ATF goes all bump-stock ban on them and makes getting an NFA item impossibly difficult.

I have two now, an AAC Ti-Rant 9mm and Ti-Rant 45.

I have on order an AAC Jager 30 and have been saving up for a 762-SD.

Some things to remember about cans.

You can shoot sub caliber through them, as long as they are pressure rated for it.  So if you have both a 9mm and 45 ACP, you can shoot 9mm through a 45 can without an issue, as long as you get the proper thread adapter to fit your barrel.  If in doubt, get the bigger can.  The sound performance is hardly changed at all.  I’ve shot 9mm and 40 S&W through my Ti-Rant 45 and can’t tell the difference.

Same with rifle cans.  You can shoot 5.56 through a 7.62 can.  Having done so, the sound of the 5.56 bullet going supersonic is louder than the extra gas released by the slightly larger bore diameter.  If a can is rated for 308 Win or 300 Win mag you can shoot 300 AAC, but not the reverse.

Rifle cans will be heavier than pistol cans and anything “full auto rated” heavier still.  That is because to make a can able to handle the heat and pressure they have to use Inconel.

Rifle cans are usually (but not always) less modular and set up for one type of mount.

The Jager 30 is AAC’s newest can.  It is rated for slow rate of fire shooting of up to 300 Win Mag.  This is because it is made of titanium and aluminum.  It is a great entry level can for someone who doesn’t want to spend much but wants more than a rimfire can.

The advantage is that it is a magnum rated rifle can for under $500, which is about the price for most rimfire cans.

My personal recommendation, if you are not sure, a good pistol can is the way to go.  Pistols suppress much better than rifles because of the availability of subsonic ammo.  They are also cheaper.

The Ti-Rant 45 will actually handle subsonic only 300 AAC (if you shoot supersonic through it and blow up your can, you have been warned) if you get the right thread pitch adapter.

Rimfire cans are generally entry level because of their low price.

If you want a rifle can, get the highest rated you can afford.  You can always go down without an issue.  If you only ever want to shoot 5.56 get a 5.56 can.  If you have the inkling to shoot 300 AAC, just get a 30 cal can and be happy.

If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments.  I will do my best to respond.


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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Get yourself a can”
  1. I’ve been toying with the idea of a can for some time now.

    On the one hand this will likely make it harder to get cans in the future, and I think we can forget about deregulation. Again.

    On the other hand I’m in too many government databases (and as a known gun owner in at least some cases) already for my comfort.

    1. As the saying goes:
      “If you’re not on someone’s ‘list’ you’re not doing enough.” 🙂

      I figure my FBI file is around 2-3 inches thick.
      I know my OPM file is over 1 inch thick because I got to see it and my last unsanitized SF-50 when I signed on at my last unit.
      I figure it got thicker when my security clearance went through.

      Everyone concerned in the bureaucrapacy knew I was dealing with “Arms Ammunition & Explosives”

      Let them be uncomfortable.

  2. No.

    My rights are not dependent on the behavior of others.

    The current infringements on safety equipment are already too burdensome.

    Also, how can you “panic buy” an NFA item?

  3. Lets not go all “the sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Yet guys. I would like to see this “suppressor”. I read people could hear gunshots inside the building. If so dont think it was “surppressed. Wait for the hysteria to die down

    1. All the latest news reports and press conferences have stopped mentioning a ‘suppressor’.
      I can guarantee that the ATF SA would have pointed that out when he said that 2 .45 pistols had been recovered.
      As I speculated earlier, I think someone saw a compensator and since Hollywierd prop silencers are ludicrously small, they misidentified it.

      Of course, I bet we never hear a retraction about that and also a clarification from the Chief of Police who opened his yap and proclaimed that ‘only the police are allowed to use deadly force on an individual’.
      Yes, he said that:
      Go to about 21 minutes (near the end) of the vid of the latest press conference.

      I’m not anti-cop. I’m anti stupid.

  4. So … Any thoughts on the Ti-Rant modulars? Or just stick with the fixed-length version?

    For long guns, anyone have thoughts on the LaRue Silencios? (I already have one of their mounts on a 6.5 Grendel … not a great reason but it’s a starting point.)

    1. The modular are great, they are the next generation of the cans I have. They are intended to give the option of a shorter, lighter can or a longer quieter can. Both configurations are hearing safe with subsonic ammo.

  5. Don’t you guys have access to the various scandinavian brands? These guys are building high-quality suppressors in large numbers for decades.
    And they are more affordable than AAC ones.

    I mean… 700€ for a SS full auto rated silencer? Are they gold plated?

    That’s baffling! 😛

    1. Import of NFA items is pretty much impossible. Limited only for military sales as non sporting items. That’s a federal law thing.

      1. Crap. Aren’t federal regulated markets fun? *sarc*

        It’s kinda funny in a twisted way – as “lax” as your gun laws are compared to various european laws it’s easier to get a “silencer” as a hunter in Europe than as a citizen in the States ^^

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