Y’all shit on me when I said get yourself a can now before you can’t anymore.

Today I see this:

Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure
Issued on: June 2, 2019

Q: The suspect in the Virginia Beach shooting used a silencer on his weapon. Do you believe that silencers should be restricted?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t like them at all.

Trump came out against bump stocks on Twitter on March 23, 2018.

The ATF bump stock ban came out December 18, 2018.

That is 8 months and 25 days.

That is enough time to process NFA paperwork.

Get yourself a can before the ATF is directed to stop processing tax stamps for cans and they are no longer available.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “WTF did I just say about suppressors?”
  1. I think what we have is confirmation that Trump opens his mouth and spouts the first thing that pops into his mind when asked a question.

    We’ll see how this plays out after Don jr explains to him that ‘silencers’ are the same as the suppressors he likes.

    I’m two months into my latest purchases of a couple of suppressors and I;m noe more or less sanguine about the length of time it takes for the damned paperwork to go through.

  2. Sure glad Trump is in the pocket of the NRA and is so pro gun. (sarcasm off)

    1. He’s not bad by NYC standards. Consider how much worse it could have been. For that matter, consider how few politicians of any party could be trusted to do better.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, for a huge (yuge?) number of reasons I’m glad the deposed Queen of Evil is not in power. But I do remember when we were being told that DJT was pro gun and would get us national reciprocity and the hearing protection act. I also note that the left is convinced that the President is in the pocket of the NRA when he isn’t schmoozing Putin.

  3. Well, at least this mess got me off BDC to put in our family’s first suppressor purchases…

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