I saw Miguel’s post Perpetuating lies for the New Helter Skelter and it sparked something in my memory.

In the days before every tier one Democrat primary candidate decided to memorialize the shooting of Michael Brown with proven lies, Senator Kristen Gillibrand attempted to race-shame voters with the death of Trayvon Martin.

I think part of the issue was that she said M&M’s and not Skittles, so half the reference was missed.

Nevertheless, it was the same thing.  Gillibrand was attempting to promote the lie that a young black man was murdered because he was wearing a hoodie and had candy, and that the same thing would not happen to a white boy in the suburbs.

This is both horribly factually inaccurate to the Trayvon Martin case and horribly offensive to black and white people in general.

She was using a false narrative to stoke racial animus to boost her woke credentials and electability among the intersectional Left.

For all the complaints the Democrats make about Trump’s divisive rhetoric, the distance they are willing to go to exacerbate racial tensions with outright falsehoods is unbelievable.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Gillibrand pushed the police murder lie before anyone else and it went unnoticed”
  1. Projection: accuse The Other of some trait of your own, so repulsive to you, that you cannot tolerate the cognitive dissonance occasioned by realizing that YOU, hearing the “racist dog whistle”, are the dog.

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