Gillum won’t raise taxes on Floridians to pay for Medicare. No sh*t you won’t.

Well, if he is elected, he would be having troubles raising taxes for 2 reasons: One, that is the job of the legislature and Two: Florida does not have State Income Tax. I doubt that even a 100% Democrat Legislature would be stupid enough to institute it, but Democrats do like a challenge and be stupid.

So, it is not that the lying asshole will be good-hearted and caring about Floridians and not raise the taxes but he simply cannot do so.

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  1. This statement shows just how stupid tax law is.

    As someone with family of small business owners what I hear is “I’m going to raise taxes on small business owners when the money goes into the business’ bank account, before it goes into their personal bank accounts.”

  2. The problem with raising taxes on corporations, in addition to the negative impact on the economy, is that corporations don’t pay the taxes, people do. In most cases, prices of the finished goods are raised to cover taxes, meaning you and I pay more for groceries, cars, gas, etc, When the corporation decides to eat the taxes and keep the same price structure, stock dividends take a hit, so anyone who owns stock gets less money. Lowering dividends also will depress stock prices. Thus your portfolio suffers, you get smaller dividend checks, and your IRA and pension fund suffer. TANSTAAFL!

  3. The left whines that they just want people to work together, but when confronted with a for-real example of people voluntarily working together — a corporation — they HATE it. They seem to hate voluntary cooperation.

  4. I have to take exception with Gillum won’t raise taxes on Floridians to pay for Medicare. No sh*t you won’t.

    He sure as sh*t will. If he raises taxes on Florida corporations, Floridians will pay those taxes. As Nuke Road Warrior so correctly said, corporations don’t pay tax, their customers do. It’s an underhanded, dishonest way of raising taxes on the public. Unless big intrastate companies charge Florida customers different rates from citizens in other states, as they do when collecting sales tax for other states (so highly likely), Gillum will be taxing people in other states. Seems to me that has to be beyond his powers.

    Of course to socialists like Gillum (based on his Bernie endorsement) raising taxes on everyone is a good thing, not something to run away from.

    Gillum, “you went full retard. Never go full retard”

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