Give the Texan a gun

I covered Smash Racism DC before, back when they harassed DHS Sec Kirstjen Nielsen at a Mexican Restaurant, causing her to leave.

Now these same jackasses did this to Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi.

“We believe survivors.”

This is a statement that clearly indicates they have, without evidence, decided Kavanaugh’s guilt.  I get more and more frightened every day that people like these are going to see their way onto juries.

Also, what we are seeing here is inflation of the meaning of the word survivor.  David Hogg is a “survivor” even though he was either in another building or off campus (I can’t keep up with the shifting details).  Ford is now a “survivor” even though, if you take what to be the complete truth, she was drunkenly groped through her clothes.  Survivor has just become another meaningless social justice term.

I said this shit was going to get worse and it is.  They cornered his wife (21 second mark).  This is Brown Shirt behavior, harassing politicians who have the audacity to not support the racial Leftist cause.

I think Congress should convene and immediately grant elected officials and their staff the right to carry concealed in DC.  I believe Home Rule gives Congress the right to supersede the city legislature.  Yes, I know, special privileges and all, but I have a feeling that if the GOP confirms Kavanaguh, the nest time a Republican and his wife are out to dinner, someone is going to do something dumb.

Short of that, I would love to see Cruz or another Republican whip out an ASP baton and just go to town like on protesters skulls like a berserker warrior.

I know that if someone cornered my wife in a restaurant and started screaming in her face, I would want to make sure that person would spend the rest of their life ingesting nutrients through a tube.

6 Replies to “Give the Texan a gun”

  1. Under the Constitution, Congress has plenary power to govern DC.
    The right answer is for Congress to pass Constitutional Carry in DC. Better still would be for them to pass that for everyone except elected officials from states that have May Issue.

    1. Well, somebody HAD to call these assholes, right? It is not like they can read minds and figure out where Cruz was going to have supper. Was it the owner or one of the staff? No idea and really don’t care. Fuck the restaurant.

  2. I am continually astounded and apalled that our side isn’t fighting back. As an aside, during the 2016 campaign, whenever someone told me he/she didn’t care for Trump because he was uncouth, a boor, or whatever, I’d quote Lincoln, when he was told he should fire Grant because he was uncouth, a drunkard, and a boor: “He fights.”

    Whenever a leftist brings up Kavanaugh and the accusations against him, our response should be, “We know you’re just an asshole. If you were serious, you’d be looking into Ellison, where the complaints are much more recent, and there’s actual evidence, like 911 calls and police reports.”

    If we don’t fight back, if we continue to behave like ladies and gentlemen interacting with ladies and gentlemen, rather than people assaulted by ignorant assholes, we’ll keep losing.


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