12 Replies to “Glock introduces 24 round magazine.”

  1. Or you could.go for a glockteen eleven. RRA just released a poly frame ’11… (If you don’t mind buying from Rock River. But that’s another thread.)

  2. Ruger 1911, if you don’t mind the stainless steel look. Good quality firearm that won’t break the bank. Shoots great out-of-the-box, no mods needed, will likely last forever.

    Got mine at a Rural King for $650 out the door.

  3. Why would you want an orange follower? That’s not quite as bad as a gun painted blue, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea. At the very best it seems like a pointless idea.

        1. High visibility for the follower, so when you see orange you know you’re locked open on an empty without the tactile feedback from ‘pull trigger, no bang’.

          I use bright followers in my mags on most of my double-stacks and rifle mags for just exactly this reason. One more visual indicator that it’s time to feed the freedom machine another stack.

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