By J. Kb

15 thoughts on “Go woke go broke – goodbye Hooters”
  1. My wife says change the name to “heffers” OH MY.
    Too funny. Be interesting to go there 6 months from now and see how busy they are…

  2. Well, if guys like that, go for it.

    OTOH, I find it difficult to believe that a majority of their customers would be inclined to eat there with those women.

    They’ll find out, I suppose.

  3. Oh noes! What will become of the Hooters calendar at work?

    There are folks that are into that stuff.

  4. The new Twin Peaks that opened up the road from the regional Hooters seems to have a full parking lot every time I go by. Hooters rarely has more than five or six cars in the lot. Make of it what you will.

    1. When I lived in Orlando 8-9 years ago, there was a Hooters down the road from UCF and it always looked abandoned. The Tilted Kilt was always slammed. If I remember correctly the Hooters shut down.

      If a Hooters couldn’t stay in business down the road from one of the biggest party schools in the nation then the chain is well and truly boned.

  5. “We’re sexy and confident”
    Well, you might be 50% right.
    Do these ladies know they work for tips????
    Great plan by Hooters marketing. Beer sales will at least triple with men trying to drink enough to find them sexy. (although that much might be fatal)

  6. Halloween Costumes. They are not real Hooters Waitresses.
    This is a stunt “talking point” driven by the “Body Positivity Herd” on social media. (pun intended) Reason #1,000,256 Social Media is a cancerous blight on civilization. A bunch of chubbies and chubby chasers trying to normalize their choice, and demand you bow down in acceptance. Take the knee! Then get a crane and help them stand up again.
    Some cultures like zaftig women. Some don’t. I would not patronize any establishment that used this as a theme and selling point.

    1. Agree. Some folks favor “BBW”, referred to as zaftig by others on this thread. Some prefer skinny women. Etcetera.

      Ref forcing “my” choice on others: fascists gonna fascist, and then gaslight you by calling it “Democratic fascism” or some such bullshit.

      Interesting image. Given the Halloween theme, I hope the women imaged enjoyed themselves. There’s plenty of rude Karen’s around.

      Despite my reflex sarcasm, and due to TDW-Mark II’s influence, I occasionally try to rein it in.

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