This jewel is from a CSGV post about the new place in Orlando dedicated only to the rental and shooting of fully auto weapons. I had this since December 19, but it was just now that I got around to share it.

The usual suspects in the media tried to make Mt. Everest out of this Machine Gun America place, but they not the only place in the nation and certainly not even the first location in the Orlando area that does that and its only difference is that they are not your traditional gun store / gun range but just dedicated to their own weapons.

Here is the screen cap, but I pasted the full text under for easier reading…trust me, you will need it.

CSGV Anna Rosa

  • Anna Rosa Because we saw what happened with that 10 year old girl. This is tooooooootally safe. So I’d love to know how this place can call themselves an amusement part and have guns. To me this would be called a Shooting Range. With that said, I’ve been to Disney world 15 times for the past 13 years or so. Magic kingdom, frontier land. They have a mock western shooting range with fake guns and lasers/rfid chips. They have the fake guns for a reason, because by law they are not allowed to have a real loaded weapon to use this attraction. So why in hell is this place even allowed to do this? If I was the police force in the area I would immediately contact village hall and file a complaint or go over there and say hey you can’t do this without a permit or just not at all, this absolutely cannot be right. My mind is exploding just trying to think of the legality of this. It just can’t be possibly legal at all, like at all.
    • Anna Rosa call it what it is! A shooting range, a death panel, a murder cage, Execution Station!
    • Nora Hild The difference is that one amusement park is in California and the other is in Florida.
    • Anna Rosa No; Disney world in Florida and this “amusement park” in Florida should be expected to go by the same laws that Disney world in Florida must obey and abide by, that’s my point. In other words this is fallacy and total fraud what this organization is doing, and I’ll call it exactly that. Terrorist organization. Like a cult they’ll get the kids in there and make it look like all fun and games until one day the same thing happens like that 9 year old and we still won’t ban them, I f’ing gaurentee it. The NRA will then come into towns and tell people oooooh don’t worry guns are safe guns are okay! And guess what? MORE generations die, MORE generations think guns are cool and safe and keep them safe. I want to see some future where the word GUN is taken out of the dictionary and history books. I want no idea in the futures mind of what such a primitive piece of 1800th technology from China it is. Cheap man killing GARBAGE. That needs to be broken in half thrown in the fire; just like 451 and books, except guns. Something for crying out loud. It would be more normal just to have the fed go by the gun registry and take them but we all know how this will end up and most likely will, a civil war. So if it’s a war these gun nuts want then let’s give them federal and police HELL. Police brutality? Not until justice is served cold and hard. Then I want to hear about “police brutality”. What’s brutal is a race f*cking killing themselves! Barbarism, we are no better than the so called terrorist!!

Where to even begin?  Making up laws in Florida because she doesn’t like a place of business (or as we know it, loophole), name calling, re-writing history, book burning, wishing for violence …. damn, I have to say she covers pretty much the whole spectrum.

She might be hired in a full-time basis as media director for CSGV.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “GSGV Profiles in Lunacy: Anna Rosa.”
  1. Be sure to file this under the ‘send someone else to do my bidding” files. They’re the first to demand our firearms be taken away, but they’ll be the last in line at our front doors to try and take them.

    1. I think they imagine themselves watching the fun on tv. Then it’s all over,and they can enjoy their utopia. Or they move on to the next group they want to wipe out. (While they watch it on tv).

  2. “just like 451 and books, except guns.”


    Does she realize it was the bad guys burning books in F451? That the entire point of the book was about the importance of independent learning and study and how the government was trying (and succeeding!) to control the minds of its citizens and keep them stupid and vulnerable by keeping them away from educational materials?

    Does she realize she’s casting herself as the villain in her own inane play?

  3. I understood that it was Disney World’s decision to ban guns inside the “town” that they created to house the park. Obviously that law applies only to one place, as much as Anna and her ilk would like it to be otherwise.

    But speaking of laws that apply throughout the state, isn’t there one about what happens to the mentally who are a danger to temself or others? Anna might want to check that out before her next trip to Fantasy Land.

    stay safe.

  4. “Let’s give them federal and police HELL” Not sure about the feds, but I know plenty of police officers who would take our side in such a war.

  5. My first thought was “this is so over the top it’s probably another person from our side *helping* again”.

    And then I saw the Facebook page.

    The first photo that greets you is “War is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”

    The next is a Soviet picture…

    So, we have someone espousing the tactics of the villains in Fahrenheit 451, quoting propaganda from 1984, showing Soviet pictures. All that’s missing is Hitler quote and the caricature is complete.

    This really looks like one of two things. A transparent attempt by “our side” to show the “other side” in a bad light. Weapons grade stupid is option 2.

    Either way, best ignored.

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