If the crud I had yesterday was Covid, it was just another 24-hour cold. A bit of fever that broke with a dose of Aleve, runny nose and a constant cough that made my hernia come out a play nasty enough to send me to the ER thinking the effing thing was strangulated.
Now, I doubt that sickness was the Kung Flu because the Missus was also under the weather, and she tested negative and so did her mom who had a bit of the sniffles.

And as where I got it: At work, probably. I won’t divulge the name of the location, but we do see cases more often than other places.

Oh well.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Guess what?”
  1. Up in your neck of the woods, conifer trees are pollinating right now. When I was a child, every year during late November through January I would get a nasty flu for the holiday season. One year my father bought a fake Christmas tree instead of using a real one. The flu was only mild from that year on. We still had several different types of conifer trees on the property which caused flu-like symptoms during mild to stronger winds. As I have aged, this annual pain in the ass has diminished about fifty percent. A mild fever, an asthmatic type of cough, and sinus drainage would make life miserable. This could be your problem since your body is not used to being out of southern Florida.

    1. In Central Texas, it is called Cedar Fever. Newcomers always laugh it off, till they get it after a few years, then it ain’t so funny anymore.

  2. And, it could be a false positive as well.
    Odds are, if you actually tested positive, everyone you have regular contact with will show positive as well. If the missus and her mum are not positive, I am thinking your test is a false positive.

    1. And if the medical community used ‘just’ a 25-magnification cycle instead of an over 40-magnification cycle PCR based test, there would be no such thing as a false-positive PCR based result. False-positive results are nothing more than proof that the body has successfully defeated the weak virus quickly, i.e., a verification that the live virus does not exist in the person.

      1. A friend of over 25 years says she never gets sick, till she does, then she is one sick puppy. I’ll take the little bouts of bullshit over really sick for weeks, any day.

      2. And, it could certainly be a positive for the Whu-Flu. I always questioned this “quarantine if you were near a positive case” bullshit. If the virus was that easy to catch, and spread, the entire human race would have been infected within weeks of identifying the novel virus.
        Just remember, there were direct flights from Wuhan to both San Francisco and NYC two/three times a week, but no one seemed to catch the virus on those flights…. weird…
        There have been plenty of times in my family where someone comes down sick, and the rest of the family is just fine. COVID-19 is no different from my, admittedly unscientific, view.

  3. Mine popped 18 Nov – fever (and I almost never get fevers) plus severe exhaustion. (Called in sick just from the fever, called the pharm to get some home tests about 8 AM, could pick them up at 10… finally forced myself to get uparound 1 PM, managed to get out the door by 2, tested positive around 3 (I did stop for food first) and other than that I was flat-out unconcious.

    About 18 hours-plus sleeping on Friday, 16-18 on Saturday, 14-16 daily through Thursday when I started feeling vaguely human again. Had nasal congestion and slime, fever only the first two days, and no change in sense of smell or taste.

    Back to work 28 Nov, and the only reason it took that long was the holiday, the weekend and work requiring 5 days quarantine, then 5 more masked at work. “You can come back Thursday!” No, perky HR girl, I can’t. 😛

    I guess I got the Wish.com variant – the congestion wasn’t even worse than my usual winter congestion, so I’m not blaming the dreaded coooooviiiiid for it.

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