Pretty much every Gun Control group with the exception of the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence.

If you check their Facebook pages, you will not find a reference at all to the looting & arson that happened last night, nor that the police were unable to control the situation.  CSGV has been the only ones that said something and suddenly they are less combative and you could swear they are the DNA recombination of Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi, begging for peace, love and pictures of unicorns…but the followers have not embraced the new (temporary) peaceful CSGV and are in a  full cop-killer mode. If you have the stomach, go check them out.

I am not surprised that the Gun Control Groups are silent and I am sure you are not either. And what can they say? “Hey, don’t feel bad. You have the higher moral ground…and ashes. You are so ready for next Ash Wednesday!”


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “Guess who is quiet and have no comments about the Ferguson Riots?”
  1. They can’t comment. Literally, can’t.

    Why not? Because the whole situation explicitly lays out their hypocrisy in the most stark and dramatic fashion conceivable:
    You don’t need a gun; just dial 9-1-1 and the police will protect you. [Tell that to all the business owners who were suddenly facing 3,000+ violent “protesters”, at a time 9-1-1 response is measured in days, and the police have no “duty to protect” you anyway.]
    You don’t need 30 rounds in your magazine. Five is plenty for “sporting purposes”. [See above. Also, self-defense is not a “sporting purpose”; it’s much more righteous than that.]
    You don’t need a gun; pepper spray and mace work fine. [If that were the case, the riot would have been over in about 30 seconds. Right after the police launched CS gas. It didn’t happen that way, did it?]
    You gun owners are just vigilantes who want to kill innocent people. [First runner-up for my favorite. Grand jury hands back a “no true bill” – a non-indictment – after reviewing ALL the evidence. This is justice, like it or not. The “protesters” disagree and are willing to burn the community to the ground (literally!) but somehow we gun owners are the vigilantes. Riiiiiight.]
    Just give them what they want; your stuff is not worth your life. [My favorite one. I thank God that nobody was in that Little Caeser’s, that auto parts store, or that supply warehouse when they all went up in flames. The stuff inside any of those places was not worth the owners’ lives, but – and I can’t say this strongly enough – the “protesters” were not interested in “stuff”; they wanted to watch them burn, regardless of what (or who) was inside.]

    I could go on, but I believe my point is made.

  2. Currently they’re flooding their site w/ anecdotes on how evil and stupid gun owners are to try and distract from the fact that their own ‘supporters’ are more bloodthirsty than anything they can attribute to ‘us’.

  3. NOW they’re talking about Ferguson and how the POLICE burned down the building because racism!

    “why would protesters burn down stores? They wouldn’t, Police would, to subjugate the entire community, and media would lie about it, because their job is to lie for police. a Beauty Salon, liquor store, and secure storage facility?? Police have FAR more to gain, and motive, protesters have neither. If police support killings of unarmed children, setting communities on fire would be child’s play.”

    “Police sent a message: if you attempt to bring police to justice, they will burn your town down, and they own the media that will blame you for it.”

    “There’s no proof of police involvement, but there’s no proof that they weren’t involved either.”

    Delusional. ALL of them.

    1. If it goes against the set Narrative, it must be destroyed and the facts altered:

      The narrative is the set of assumptions the press believes in, possibly without even knowing that it believes in them. It’s not like they get together every morning and decide ‘These are the lies we tell today.’ No, that would be too crude and honest. Rather, it’s a set of casual, nonrigorous assumptions about a reality they’ve never really experienced that’s arranged in such a way as to reinforce their best and most ideal presumptions about themselves and their importance to the system and the way they’ve chosen to live their lives. It’s a way of arranging things a certain way that they all believe in without ever really addressing carefully. It permeates their whole culture.
      Stephen Hunter. I, Sniper

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