Shannon Watts of Zionsville founded the group “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.” She talked about the prospect of armed people in stores and restaurants — and her group’s efforts to change policy.

Watts said what started as an online discussion turned into a worldwide movement with more than 3 million members.

Source: Zionsville woman lobbies for gun control on ‘Meredith’ – 13 WTHR Indianapolis

I must say I was shocked to see that Moms Demand had that many people. We know that they are not paying members like the NRA but only Social Media presence, but still, that is quite a substantial amount. So I decided to check and followed the “moving goalposts” and “Quick, fill the hole and take the picture from another angle” method of definition used by Shannon and Company and included just about anything related to Moms Demand.

MDA Facebook:  446,753 likes.
MDA Twitter: 36,900 (aprox.)
Shannon Watts Facebook: 1,172.
Shannon Watts Twitter 11,900 (aprox.)
Mike Bloomberg Twitter 940,000.
Mike Bloomberg Facebook: 267,612
Everytown Twitter: 56,900 (aprox.)
Everytown Facebook: 913,659.
Sub Total: 2,674,896.

Minus fake Twitter accounts:
Mike Bloomberg Twitter fake followers: 288,553
MDA Twitter fake accounts: 2,879.
Everytown Twitter fake accounts: 8,192.
Shannon Watts Twitter fake accounts 795.
Sub Total: 300,419

Total: 2,374,477.

I could not find a way to figure out fake Facebook accounts. I am sure there is one done internally since they have a program to “add friends” but those numbers are not available to the dirty masses.

So, being generous to an excess by adding peripheral groups and assuming that people follow on Twitter or Facebook but not on both, Moms Demand have 2,374,477 “followers,” 600,000+ short of her stated number.

Standing alone, Moms Demand do not even break the half a million followers mark. And we are talking unpaid follower, not due-paying members.

But they are fueled by lies, otherwise that bus would not move.





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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

16 thoughts on “Gun Control Math.”
  1. There are quite a few of their “followers” that are in the gun rights camp. It’s that whole keeping track of what your enemy is doing. I think I have pretty much all of the gun haters on my facebook feed. Of course I check my facebook less than once a week, so there’s that. And you do such a good job of pulling the mask off.

    1. I also follow mda and watts on twitter but am certainly not a supporter. I know many other pro rights people do, too.

    1. And they have trouble rallying a hundred of their ‘troops’ to the NRA National Convention in Indy. Oops.

  2. It’s just Goebbels math. Make up a fake and impressive number of followers and repeat it a lot!

    I think it is more like Michael Bloomberg paid her 3 million dollars to prostitute herself and sell her eternal soul to disarm us, so they can have their socialist way without fear of resistance.

    Frankly, I don’t care if it is the entire population of the United States (310 million or so) minus me since I would still have my Constitutionally-recognized and God-given right to self defense and to resist tyranny using the best tools for the job (i.e. arms or weapons).

    Let’s see more than 50 people at one of their loser rallies before I even acknowledge their pathetic existence.

  3. Completely unsurprising. That’s the default method w/ them. When CCW was being debated in IL, the MDA chapter testified and claimed “5000 members”. They got that by adding up the ‘likes’ from their 3 different FB pages. Then there’s Elliot Fineman’s ‘complicated formula’ to get his 15 million supporters.

  4. It’s funny that a bunch of unarmed housewives think they are going to disarm anyone. Hope the crips and bloods go to their houses and run a train on these skanks, it will be any easy target as they are unarmed.

  5. Miguel, did you count all the Facebook followers from the sub-chapters of MDA, such as MDA-“Pick a State,” or MDA-“Pick a City?”

    I like “robertsgunshop”‘s observation that at least some of their “members” are secret gun-rights advocate spies. 😀

  6. It’s easy to “like” or follow a social media feed. It takes half a second. Also, Facebook charges money for you to reach your entire body of followers now. So, unless they spend some of that Bloomberg gold, they only reach about 10 percent of those followed with any given post. And most people’s FB feeds are total information overload. So the reach is lower since their bleating gets lost in the noise.

  7. “She talked about the prospect of armed people in stores and restaurants — and her group’s efforts to change policy.”

    Yep, and Kroger told them to piss off. I wish we had Kroger here.They would get all of my money.

  8. How many of the moms demanding hot action facebook/twitter etc. followers are also followers of everytown and whatnot? By adding those groups’ sheep to their herd, you’re actually multiplying the few they really do have, so the total would be even smaller. These weasels don’t seem to realize that the days are long gone when they can just spit out these little brain turds without fear of being checked on them.

  9. Man, I need to memorize her face so I can recognize her if I ever see her when I’m over in Zionsville. I’ll make sure to flip up the tail of my shirt so she can see my pretty P12 🙂

  10. Bloomberg as far as I can tell is a anti-gun nut and is mentally ill besides,but it is a sickness that is spreading.There needs to be a vaccine for that illness he is spreading.

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