Gun Industry making money from “Illegal Guns”? (Updated)

I have seen this one pop more than usual lately:
guns used illegally
I decided to check the uses of firearms for Murder (8,124), Robbery (126,869) and Aggravated Assault (143,737) according to the FBI UCR for 2014. That would come to 278,730 “gun crimes” for the year

Now, for the sake of the argument, let’s say that each crime was committed with a different gun, no repeats. So we would have 278,730 firearms used in violent crimes for 2014, right? Now, using the NICS Checks as guideline for firearms sales, it shows that the month with fewer guns sold in 2014 was June with a total of 1,382,975 or an average of 345,748 per week or 46,099 per day.

The 278,730 “gun crimes” for the year represents barely six days of sales of the worst month in 2014. An if we use the dales numbers for the year, it comes just a tad over four and a half days of sales.

Now, why would gun manufacturers risk lengthy prison times for such a small reward? The answer is rather simple: They don’t.

But it is a good lie for the #Gunsense people to spread around as it confirm their bias.

Gun Control has never been good at math anyway.

UPDATE: I was polite enough to thank Jessica (@jschuh82), but she did not seem to appreciate both the note and the info:

Jessica twitter 2


Jessica twitter

I almost feel hurt…. but I am using a Glock NY Trigger for my feelings.

14 Replies to “Gun Industry making money from “Illegal Guns”? (Updated)”

  1. Blocked? But I heard they just want a common sense conversation with us about gun safety (as they lie, cheat and steal to try to strip us of our rights).

    If their cause is so just and unassailable, why the butt hurt feelings when contrary evidence is presented?

  2. Actually the gun companies made their money from those crime guns when they were LEGALLY SOLD. After they were stolen they did NOT make another red cent.

  3. Someone who parrots anti-gun rhetoric blocked you when you defied their arguments? Who would have expected that! That is completely out of character for those on that side of the Isle.

  4. I’m just curious as to how many law enforcement agencies (town, city, county, state, federal) would actually follow through with hill’s orders IF she ever got elected. Do NOT discount her yet, ANYTHING is possible at this point in time.

    1. judging from what I have seen in law enforcement communities…..every single one. and several would still go above and beyond just to beat someone and make an arrest.

      just look at DC,Chicago,NY,Conn……

    2. Initially I would think a lot of compliance would happen…. till somebody posts one single sentence where they can see it:

      We know where you live.

      Remember, cops must live in or very near the jurisdiction they work.

  5. Another point: the majority of the “gun lobby” is NOT gun companies, but citizen organizations (like the NRA) that are primarily member funded.

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