Gun Owners Should Heed This Quote.

The sad part is that I can gear the hammering and sawing of the gallows being built and the labor is being provided by the No Compromise crowd.

If you want to bring one organization down, you better have another one of the same magnitude ready to fill its place. If you are doing it for spite, stupidity or whatever silly reason you have and there is no solution in sight, you best be ready for the consequences which include a whole new slew of people who won’t “like” you very much.

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  1. Over the past few years, I’ve made several observations about the “no compromise” crowd, based on comments I’ve read on various forums and gun blogs.

    – Generally speaking, these people do absolutely nothing in terms of activism. Calling or writing representatives is dismissed, often because “there’s no difference between the 2 parties”.

    – The main strategy of these people seems to be angry posting on the internet, and then directing as much vitriol as possible towards gun owners who don’t see eye to eye with them. Gun owners who give off even a whiff of deviating from the “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” mindset are immediately labeled Fudds, and are then treated worse than anti-gunners.

    – Almost always, they live in “free states”, and make no distinction between gun owners who live in “slave states” and the liberal urbanites who have made those states the way they are. Simply living on the other side of an imaginary line makes you an enemy to these people if the state you live in happens to be a blue one. It doesn’t matter what you have done for gun rights, what you believe, or how you vote.

    – After this, they will tell you that you’re an idiot and cuckold for not moving from your state, then in the same breath insist that no one from slave states should be allowed to move into free states, as it will ruin the free states.

    – They are almost always cowards. I’ve seen everything from them, from refusing to join gun rights groups because they “don’t want to be on a list”, to refusing to write to politicians because they “don’t want to be on a list”, to the most abhorrent and craven of all, suggesting people move to a state with better gun rights. This is the suggestion of a special kind of chickenshit. They are literally suggesting people tuck tail and run, like a scared dog, hoping to buy themselves just a little while longer before the liberal dread overtakes them. For fun, call one out about this. It makes them apoplectic.

    There are probably more I’m forgetting, but these are the first that came to mind.

  2. Ya know, this is like Richard Pryor said when he was filming Stir Crazy at Arizona state prison- “they all criminals, and THEY cant unite”….I think it will be too late after We the People lose and gun owners will finally get off their ass and the howls and screaming will be deafening. Whats it gonna take? Get off yer ass and join the fight.

  3. I’m fine with compromise and incrementalism in getting our rights back!

    A problem that manifests with the “no compromise” crowd is that, for too long, compromise has meant our side conceding something and the other side giving up nothing.

    Compromise, traditionally, means we lose and they win.

    It’s led to a mentality that cannot encompass good anymore because good isn’t perfect and as one-sided as the deals we’ve seen in the past.

    It is not helped that we’ve been lied to by the NRA a couple times. Brady is still law. FOPA still bans post-86 machine guns. We were promised these issues would be revisited and fixed. If they’d but tried… but they didn’t. It’s easy to get bitter about this and wish them destroyed.

    And that’s all the Devil’s Advocacy I’ve got.

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