Guns go off accidentally; they can kill passengers, crew members, cause structural damage and in certain cases go through the plane’s fuselage causing everyone to be ejected from the plane due to explosive decompression.

via Gun Fact # 4: “Law Abiding” Gun Owners Deliberately Violate T.S.A. Safety Regulations « Gun Victims Action Council.

Nothing like starting a Monday with a good laugh. My recommendation is for them to get cable and watch Mythbusters:

It requires a major structural catastrophe to create an explosive decompression and still, not everyone will get “ejected from the plane.”

Aloha Airlines Flight 243

Such was the case of Aloha Airlines Flight 243 which basically lost half the roof of the cabin and only had one death.

And, by the way, guns don’t go off accidentally. Seriously, stop watching so many movies.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “Gun Victims Action Council: We get our scientific facts from movies.”
  1. a checked gun can be remotely fired using a cell phone.

    See, I learned something new. So can I go out to the airport and remote fire a checked gun? The explosive decompression on approach would be fun to watch.

  2. Lets see….To the “lib” mind as per Gun Fact #4… If we outlaw all handgun calibers below .357 we can reduce this problem by OVER 50%!!!!
    P.S. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is sexy as ever and I`m losing my mind…. 🙂

    1. Hmmmm*whistles for the guys in the white coats to come put this poor bastard in a straight jacket and jack him up with thorazine for his own good..*

    1. Sadly, that is exactly what these gun-grabbing morons think!!!
      the murderer in Colorado broke 23 firearms laws, maybe enacting a 24th law could have prevented that tragedy, right??

  3. “A checked gun can be fired using a cell phone.”

    Welllllll. . . . the thing is, I assume it’s possible to build a little gizmo you could stick into the trigger guard of your checked gun, with a small motor and a radio receiver, that would actually accomplish this. As long as it fit into the case, it should work. But…..

    1. So what? If a gun fires in a cargo hold, I guess that’s a bad thing, but frankly it’s likely to bury a bullet in someone’s luggage. The odds of the slug making it out of the cargo area into the cabin where someone might be hit have to be awfully low. It’s a HUGE risk for a terrorist to take, for what gain from his point of view?

    2. It’s possible, but only with the connivance of the TSA. The TSA inspector would have to let the firearm go back in the case loaded and with the radio gizmo in place. The thing is, if you have enough TSA screeners in your pocket to get your McGyvered robo-gun through security–loaded!–why not just put a bomb or an incendiary device in there instead? That would actually have a shot at bringing the plane down or at least soiling a lot of infidel underwear when the big boom happens.

    Now, that second one seems farfetched, but I recall the time the TSA tried to insist that I just send an unopened, uninspected P220 and 50 rounds of ammunition onto the plane in checked baggage, without the required firearms declaration. They wanted to throw it through their SCAN-O-MAN 8000 and open it up on the other side, only the SCAN-O-MAN 8000 was incapable of detecting that steel/aluminum handgun in my luggage, so the guy on the other side grabbed the bag and chucked it into the back room. Once there, it was out of sight, out of mind, and like parakeets, they acted like there was no bag and no back room. They told me it probably wouldn’t go through security again when I changed planes in Philadelphia at midnight, and since it hadn’t set off the scanner, even if it did go through security, I wouldn’t get caught. No big deal. I worked my way through both counter guys and their supervisor before the supervisor finally asked, “Well . . . . would you like me to go to the back and get your bag back? I guess we could do that.”
    (That was on the flight back from Norfolk, VA a few years ago when Blackhawk and Para sent a group of gunbloggers to what was then Blackwater in N. Carolina. Para’s PR guy hadn’t reacted well to Robb’s polite inquiries as to the mandatory nature of trousers, and I was picturing how he’d react to the news that one of the bloggers had been thrown into a TSA re-education camp in Pennsylvania.)

  4. Heh. Had my wife’s aunt “inform” me that guns can go off on their own (she’s a teacher, so she KNOWS). I asked her if she had any kitchen or utility or pocket knives at home. Of course she has kitchen knives…so I asked if she was afraid of them stabbing her to death in the night. Of course not, they can’t move on their own! So….what you’re saying is that to be stabbed, there has to be human interaction. Oddly enough…the lights flickered in her eyes. She may be coming to an understanding!

    1. Fucking priceless. One of my favorite tricks with that kind if stupidity is the old S&W revolver trick from back in the days when the firing pin was on the hammer. Cock the weapon, and insert a pencil in the barrel, eraser first. Insert another in the trigger guard. Rattle it vigorously until the hammer falls. If done correctly, the pencil will not move. Now cock the weapon again and pull the trigger. The pencil will fly across the room. This was a safety feature on the old ones. Now ask said idiot to tell you again how the gun will just go boom.

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