We are so use to the headlines screaming about “Gun Violence Prevention”. It almost always means that somebody is calling for restrictions on people that didn’t do anything. “To prevent gun violence we must ban assault weapons”. “To prevent gun violence we have to ban 18, 19 and 20 year olds from buying firearms.” “To prevent gun violence we must only allow criminal guns into sensitive places.”

It is always the same, these groups always have another rule to apply to you and I. They never focus on the criminal, they never focus on education, they never focus on safety. They always focus on restricting our gun rights.

One of the questions that sometimes gets asked of the groups claiming to be “gun safety” groups is to ask “How many gun locks have you given out?” “How many safety classes have you run?” “How many gun safes have you given out or discounts on gun safes?”

The answer for most is “None.”

From New Orleans comes a different story. A story of people trying to actually prevent accidental shootings.

In response to a two-year old shooting himself after finding his brother’s firearm a group is giving away gun safes. The brother’s firearm happened to be stolen so it is unlikely that any law would have prevented this tragedy.

Thanks to funding from the Centers for Disease Control, the program is partnering with the city’s health department to start giving away gun safes for free, trying to prevent more incidents like the one at Costco.

“You can buy a biometric lockbox that your fingerprint is the only thing that opens it, it might have a backup lock, for about $100, that’s small enough to fit in your car and I think that’s a little bit about education and just having more access to it,” Fleckman said. “We’re seeing it as a really big need now.”

Those gun safes will be offered starting next week only for patients at University Medical Center who are there for a gun related injury.

Later next month, there will be about 300 to give away to the general public. Locations and times are still in the works. Eyewitness News will bring you updates on how to get one when we receive them.
Free gun safes available soon through Tulane’s Gun Violence Prevention Lab

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Gun Violence Prevention, Really”
  1. Better than most, it seems. But I have to wonder, though, how they feel about safe storage laws.
    I really hate seeing slippery slopes everywhere … But I’ve learned to trust nothing coming from a “gun safety” group that doesn’t start with the four rules on a range day.

    1. Well, if the “gun safety” people did stuff like, oh… I do not know… promote Eddie the Eagle training (or an equivalent), maybe I would think, for a second, they were actually about safety.

  2. It’s one thing to give out handgun lockboxes. It’s another to demand mandatory “safe-storage” laws. The question is whether this group will want to start on the pathway from helping people (if they wish to be helped), to controlling, people.

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