I understand why gyms make money: They get somebody like this to pay for membership, come a couple of times, do shit like this, get bored and do not come back. And they will probably forget they made a lump advance payment that could be refunded.

About 5 minutes doing the top exercise and 5 seconds for the bottom exercise. Somehow, I don’t think he was taking it seriously.
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By Miguel.GFZ

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12 thoughts on “Gym Fauna”
  1. I think the general concept is the old “if I pay money for it, it’ll motivate me to go more” mindset. Unfortunately if that’s what it takes to motivate, it won’t work. I know how lazy I am and I have never bothered to pay membership. Old fat and lazy. Took my 5 decades to get here, and here I’ll stay.

    1. If a gym really wanted to motivate people to come, they’d charge a fat lump sum up front (say $360 per year) and return $10 to you at the end of the year for every month you visited the gym three times or more…

      But that’s not the big box gym business model. They’re entirely motivated to get as many people to pay for an annual membership or recurring monthly payment as possible and having as few people as possible actually use the gym.

      Planet Fitness has been known to actually revoke memberships from gym-rats who are working out too frequently.

  2. Aaahh that above behavior is a major stressor of my “nice guy gym etiquette” I get that people will sit on a machine or rest between reps and there are way too many other stations for me to hover or make anyone feel rushed. But by all that is holy and a few of the things that aren’t the people who claim stations to play on their phones or talk to other people need to be sentenced to an hour on the elliptical.

    Next on the list is Notebook Guy closely followed by the guy who screams like a bull moose passing a kidney stone during every motion.

    1. I get keeping a gym notebook to track reps and such; in fact I’ve done that myself when I was really serious about it. Is that what you’re talking about, or something else?

      1. Take that to an extreme. Like stopping between each set of reps to write down your biometrics, heart rate, bp, calories burned, humidity, velocity of unladen swallows, and even what song the gym was playing during the routine. The type who gets all bothered if they can’t do the exercise their notebook says is next cause someone is at that station so they just hover nervously around it clutching said notebook.

        Mostly just poking fun.

  3. Planet Fitness….where you can’t make a sound while exerting effort to push weight….but you can hang out in the female locker room and they serve pizza, bagels and tootsie rolls in the gym.

  4. This reminds me of a Tumblr post with that same purple gear captioned “set weight to small engine block, do three reps, spend 10 minutes on Instagram, do three reps, repeat”

    I had a gym membership for a while but didn’t use it enough now I go to the parks,department gym and pay per visit

    1. Oh man do I hate that fucking guy.

      Last night that guy was a girl on the squat rack. No bullshit, she did 4 sets of 5 reps in 45 min. 15 min between each set to Instagram and get hit on.

      The second squat rack was also taken up for almost an hour by a group of 4 teen boys who jaw-jacked and bullshitted between their sets.

      I suspect that all the weight on the squat rack causes a gravity induced time dilation so it just moves slower over there but fuck if the squat rack is where assholes go to waste time.

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